Youth Opportunities Unlimited Looking For Lakewood Businesses to Participate in Summer Work Program | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Youth Opportunities Unlimited Looking For Lakewood Businesses to Participate in Summer Work Program

April 21, 2016

Great cities invest in their youth. This is especially true in Lakewood, where our youth need a helping hand toward a productive life.

Y.O.U., the county’s Youth Opportunities Unlimited program, designed to place students in meaningful summer work experiences around Cuyahoga County each summer, is making its return to Lakewood.

Y.O.U. services are provided free of charge to youth and employers. The program has once again secured grant funding from the Nord Family Foundation, matched by federal funds, to employ 60 Lakewood youth who will participate this summer.

The Y.O.U program will last for six weeks with youth employees working 25 hours per week.The wages will be paid by the Y.O.U. program.

Mayor Michael Summers is encouraging Lakewood businesses and non-profits to participate.

“We need businesses to invest time and leadership,” said Summers. “No small request, but this is important.”

In addition to productive work, employers will be investing in the following:

  • Helping youth become job-ready
  • Helping youth build citizenship
  • Helping youth elevate expectations of themselves and of their potential
  • Building connections to our youth, who are our neighbors and customers

In 2015, the Y.O.U. program placed more than 3,300 students — aged 14 to 18 — around the county. Nearly 50 of those students were from Lakewood, the first year the program was offered in our city.

Those employers interested in participating this year can learn more and register to participate in the Y.O.U. program by visiting the website or by contacting Noreen Swope at or calling 216-566-5445, ext. 251.

In addition, Mayor Summers will host an introductory session on this important program at the Woman’s Pavilion at Lakewood Park from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 4. To RSVP, call Luann Baker in the mayor’s office at 216-529-6600, or send an email to