Youth Council Planning Task Force | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Youth Council Planning Task Force


The Youth Council Planning Task Force was established to create a framework for the establishment of a Youth Council that will create leadership and civic engagement opportunities for youth to address youth concerns and perspectives and act as an advisory council to city administration and the community on issues affecting youth.  This planning task force is charged with creating the foundation for the the Lakewood Youth Council which will ultimately be established to advise the Mayor and Lakewood City Council.

The creation of a youth council provides our city with an opportunity to incorporate youth into the conversations and to seek out their counsel in an advisory capacity to address issues affecting them.  There are many examples of youth councils which other governments around the country have established. There are well-developed and published youth council white papers, guidelines, recommendations and ordinances. One thing is clear from others’ experience is that if one of the goals for creating a youth council is to provide youth with opportunities for youth leadership and civic engagement, our city should involve the youth in the creation of the youth council.