Water Main Replacement Projects Slated Around Lakewood | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Water Main Replacement Projects Slated Around Lakewood

April 08, 2016

Several areas around Lakewood are slated for four large-scale water main replacements.

The goal of the project is to replace existing 6-inch water mains with an 8-inch, ductile iron water main pipe, on the following streets:

  • Alameda Avenue, from Franklin Boulevard to Detroit Avenue (1,438 feet)
  • Lakeland Avenue, from Madison to Athens avenues (1,068 feet)
  • Morrison Avenue from Madison to Athens avenues (991 feet)
  • Robinwood Avenue from Madison Avenue to Lakewood High School (1,101 feet)

The work includes new service lines to each curb stop, new hydrants, valves, testing mechanisms, concrete base removal and replacement at water trenches and disinfection of the new mains.

The existing 6-inch water mains will be abandoned in place.

Additionally, Alameda Avenue will be completely resurfaced, while Lakeland, Morrison, and Robinwood will be resurfaced to repair the work areas.

As there are several streets under this contract, work is scheduled to take place beginning the week of April 11, continuing through mid-September. The water main work will last approximately two months with the final phase of resurfacing to follow as weather permits.

Terrace Construction Co., Inc. will control the project area, and is responsible for the water main work during the execution of the project. The city of Lakewood and DLZ Ohio, Inc., supervise all work.

The contractor will notify all affected residents of any scheduled temporary water shut-offs. Residents will also be informed if driveways need to be temporarily blocked. The street will be posted for no-parking designations in the construction area during working hours — when necessary — and the traffic flow will be a one-way direction.

“We understand that construction projects, while necessary, create inconveniences for the residents,” said Robert Erickson, of the city’s Division of Engineering and Construction. “We appreciate our residents’ patience and cooperation during the construction period; we will make every effort to minimize the inconveniences and accommodate our residents’ concerns.”

Water Main Map