Residents Asked to 'Reach for the Sky' at Tree Planting Event at Madison Park | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Residents Asked to ‘Reach for the Sky’ at Tree Planting Event at Madison Park

September 22, 2015

Want to put some roots down in Lakewood?

Lakewood residents and tree enthusiasts are encouraged to attend a special tree planting and tree celebration event at Madison Park from 9 a.m. to noon Oct. 31.

As the city’s aging trees begin to die — many of them planted around the same time, 100 years ago — many of the warm and inviting canopies have disappeared.

The city’s forestry department and Keep Lakewood Beautiful helped develop a comprehensive strategy to improve the tree canopy and add diversity to the variety of species around the city.

The city’s plan includes an effort to prepare the city for climate change, add diversity to the urban forest, withstand pest infestations and storms, and add in trees with more fall colors. More trees also means less storm water runoff.

The goal is to increase the tree canopy to 38.5 percent by the year 2035.

“Residents can leave an important legacy, putting roots down in Lakewood,” said Chris Perry, the city’s unit manager in the division of forestry. “We need residents’ help to grow our urban tree canopy.”

“Diversity is going to be the driver to achieving a more sustainable urban forest,” he added.

All adults and children are welcome the event at Madison Park on Oct. 31. Those attending are encouraged to come dressed for the weather and ready to learn how to plant trees from our resident tree professionals and to then actually do it by helping plant trees at this hands on event.

Keep Lakewood Beautiful is encouraging residents to support the Gift-A-Tree initiative.

For more on the city’s tree strategy, see the city’s two recent videos: Planting Trees in Lakewood and Lakewood Working With the Tree Task Force to Improve Tree Canopy.