Redevelopment of Barry Buick Site Proposes to Extend Mixed Use Overlay District | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Redevelopment of Barry Buick Site Proposes to Extend Mixed Use Overlay District

March 01, 2019

Solove Development Inc. is proposing the redevelopment of the former Barry Buick site on Detroit Avenue into new residential apartments and street-level retail space. The proposal is to extend the Mixed Use Overlay District approved in 2005 for the adjacent Rosewood Place project onto the Barry Buick site.

The proposed project consists of approximately 150 apartments located on two sides of Detroit Avenue, with a commercial building on the south side of Detroit, and on-site parking to support the entire project. The project proposal aims to link to the Community Vision and the desire to expand the variety of housing options in the community, help to broaden the economic base of the neighborhood and community, and seeks to deliver a high-quality design to compliment the thriving Detroit Avenue corridor. The size of the buildings, the height, and the distance between them and adjoining properties is comparable to other existing buildings in the neighborhood.

This proposal will follow a similar path through the City’s Boards and Commissions as the Rosewood Place development, which is immediately to the east (the armed forces recruiting building). The project is required to be reviewed by both the Planning Commission and the Architectural Board of Review (ABR).

The first Planning Commission meeting to introduce this project will be on March 7th at 7:00 pm and the first ABR meeting will be on March 14th at 5:30 pm. Both meetings are in the City Hall Auditorium. Please visit this link for a one page handout to where the Planning Commission and ABR dockets can be found on the City’s website. Planning Commissions role is to review the proposed uses, setbacks, heights, and parking as a few examples. The role of ABR is to review the architecture and design of the project.

Please email or call 216-529-6630 if you have questions about the proposed project.