Public Art | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Public Art

Why Public Art?

Public Art has the ability to provide aesthetic beauty, to educate and inspire, to stimulate commerce and increase real estate values, to build better citizens and provide for cultural interpretation, to increase tourism and provide other benefits.

In addition, public art: enhances our experience of a place and our quality of life; engenders a sense of pride and community identity; reaches audiences outside of museums, galleries and theaters; adds beauty to everyday life; declares the worth of a place and a time in our shared cultures.

If you have an idea for a permanent or programmatic installation, please contact the Department of Planning and Development at

Rosewood Avenue Mural Project

In 2017, the City of Lakewood completed their first large-scale public art installation to pilot the closure of Rosewood Avenue for future Wagar Park expansion.  A timelapse of the process documents the work completed by the winning artist and Lakewood business, Studio Chartreuse.



Ice Cream Social celebrating the completion of the Street Mural. Photos by Bridget Caswell.

Custom Bike Racks & Bus Stops

Existing infrastructure can also be seen as an opportunity for public art.  Custom bike racks have been installed around the city to add interest to our parks and transit waiting environments.  RTA has worked with the city to install custom artwork on the bus shelters.








Custom bike racks at Madison Park and outside Lakewood City Hall.

Detroit/Warren Transit Waiting Environment Designed by Sheila Weil & Joseph DeLuca.