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Public Art

The City of Lakewood announces the Rosewood Street Mural design competition winner! Studio Chartreuse won with their bold design called “Graphic Positivity”.



The Rosewood Avenue Street Art Pilot addresses several aspects of the Community Vision.

  • Education and Culture: The painted street mural will be at a prominent intersection for visitors to see and may be creatively programmed.
  • Safety: The street closure also solves a difficult intersection. This public art mural will be a temporary (1-3 years) component of Wagar Park to pilot the Rosewood Avenue street closure.
  • Community Wellness: Active Living is encouraged by additional park space for bike riding, roller skating and play.
  • Public Art Task Force+-

    Public Art has the ability to provide aesthetic beauty, to educate and inspire, to stimulate commerce and increase real estate values, to build better citizens and provide for cultural interpretation, to increase tourism and provide other benefits.

    To learn more about the Lakewood Public Art Task Force, click here.