Members Selected for Wellness Foundation Planning Task Force | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Members Selected for Wellness Foundation Planning Task Force

January 04, 2017

The city of Lakewood is embarking on the process to begin the formation of the new Wellness Foundation. Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers and Lakewood City Council are pleased to announce the apportionment of 17 residents to a task force that will set the framework for how the foundation will function.

Among the decisions the task force will be charged with are determining the structure of the foundation; establishing the mission as well as the criteria for selecting trustees; and creating and adopting its bylaws.

“This new foundation will be yet another tool to be used to reach our goal of becoming the healthiest community in Northeast Ohio — if not the country,” said Mayor Michael Summers.

Below are the names of the new task force appointees.

  • Daniel Cohn
  • Katherine Collin
  • Bryan deBoer
  • Phyllis Dykes
  • Charles Garven
  • Jeanine Gergel
  • Martha Halko
  • George Hillow
  • George Khuri
  • Benjamin Miladin
  • Erin Murphy
  • Brittany O’Connor
  • Dawn Pyne
  • Laura Rodriguez-Carbone
  • Vicki Smigelski
  • Kristin Warzocha
  • Judith Wright

A full bio of each of the candidates can be found by clicking here.