Lakewood Looking for Volunteers For Republican National Convention | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood Looking for Volunteers For Republican National Convention

April 15, 2016

Want to help us show off Cleveland and Northeast Ohio during the Republican National Convention?

Lakewood residents now officially have the opportunity.

The Host Committee is a nonprofit corporation — that is not affiliated with any political party — whose role is to best represent the region during the Convention, and it’s looking for volunteers.

The City of Lakewood, The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and LakewoodAlive agreed to help show off Lakewood and Northeast Ohio during the RNC Convention. The Lakewood contingent has agreed to recruit approximately 60 volunteers per day.

Volunteering is always more fun with your friends, so city officials met with the RNC Host Committee Volunteer Manager and worked out an assignment for Lakewood Volunteers to work together.

The city of Lakewood volunteers have been assigned to be the Greeting Committee at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The Volunteer shifts we have been asked to fill are:  Saturday, July 16 (8-Noon; Noon -4 and 4-8), Sunday, July 17 (8-Noon; Noon -4 and 4-8), Monday, July 18 (8-Noon; Noon -4), Friday, July 22 (8-Noon; Noon -4 and 4-8) and Sunday July 23 (8 a.m. – Noon).  We probably need about twenty volunteers per shift.

Each volunteer is required to fill two shifts in order to participate.

This opportunity to showcase Northeast Ohio as a welcoming community comes with a high cost in terms of training volunteers, providing volunteer attire and Secret Service Background Checks for volunteers.  Your commitment should be taken seriously; this is not an optional show up situation, so please consider this before signing up.  You will not be able to bring any unregistered friends or family with you due to the required background checks, nor will someone be able to substitute for you unless they are also registered and are just picking up an extra shift in your place.  Again please make sure your schedule allows for your commitment.

Those interested are required to fill out this form — which can also be found on the homepage of — where residents will be required to select two different shifts in the drop-down areas.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact the Mayor’s office at 216-529-6600.