Kids Cove Closing for Overhaul; Expected to Reopen by Memorial Day | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Kids Cove Closing for Overhaul; Expected to Reopen by Memorial Day

September 28, 2016

As the city breaks ground on a new $1 million playground at Lakewood Park, the existing Kids Cove is closing on Oct. 2.

The goal is to have the new playground open by Memorial Day in 2017.

“It’d be great news if it opens before that,” said Joe Beno, the city’s director of public works, adding that completion of the project is largely dependent on outdoor weather conditions. “We’re hoping for two months of good weather for construction this fall and then a couple months of good weather in the spring.”

Once complete, the size of the playground will increase to 1.43 acres. The new design will keep children ages 6 months to 12 years old playing near each other.

The new, expanded playground will offer new equipment for different age groups and create a central area for parents to keep an eye on kids.

“Children’s safety is paramount for this project,” said Mayor Michael Summers. “This new playground was designed to give parents a direct line-of-sight across the entire area.”

In 2010, Lakewood adopted its first Parks Master Plan to provide a guidebook to effectively maintain and improve the city’s parks, while being mindful of the need to prioritize limited resources. In 2015, city staff in partnership with the Planning Commission and City Council adopted the Parks Master Plan Strategic Update 2015. The update provides pertinent information about Lakewood’s citywide parks system.

Since 2010, the city has made significant investments in its parks system with a focus on the city’s largest parks, Lakewood, Madison and Kauffman. Improvements at each park involved extensive resident engagement, thoughtful design plans, and an execution strategy to ensure construction completion.

This year, as part of the strategy, the city began working with residents to re-design Wagar Park and Cove Park.

While construction is ongoing, there are several comparable playground options across the city for families. To see a map of the nearest playground, click here.

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