Have you met Mayor George's Public Works Director, Roman Ducu? | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Have you met Mayor George’s Public Works Director, Roman Ducu?

February 18, 2020

Have you met Mayor George’s Public Works Director, Roman Ducu? Roman brings over 30 years of experience with the different divisions of the Lakewood Public Works Department to his new role as Director.

In 1990, he started as a part-time employee with the City of Lakewood Refuse Division. Two years later, he was hired as a full time Cushman truck operator. While at the Refuse Division he worked his way up to a Recycling Driver and Yard Waste Driver. Aware of Roman’s prior experience as an automotive diesel specialist, the Division of Fleet hired Roman as a mechanic in 1997. He worked in the Division for 11 years. In that time, he became certified in servicing automotive diesel and fire equipment. He then moved on to working in the Division of Streets & Forestry operating the Street Sweeper. He did this for 4 years before being promoted to Unit Manager. In that role, he was responsible for day to day management, including executing snowstorm management, meeting operational needs, and managing the 10-year sidewalk improvement initiative.

After diligently working his way up, Roman was sworn in as Director of Public Works in January 2020.

When asked about his perseverance over his career, Director Ducu stated, “My parents instilled a strong European work ethic. They moved here from Yugoslavia three months before I was born.” Roman was born in Birdtown, specifically in a double on Robin Street. “I watched my father work all day as a welder and a fabricator, when he came home, my mom left at night to clean office buildings. It is all about hustle.”

Director Ducu’s vision for the Public Works Department is one of unity. He strives to use his 30 years of experience and trusting relationships to break down departmental silos in order to result in the best possible outcome for Lakewood residents.

“We have a good stock of managers, people in the department know their roles well. I want give people the chance to succeed,” said Roman. “I want to open up a dialogue where the entire department is able to talk about greater visions and give managers the empowerment to run their divisions efficiently and effectively.”

Fun Fact: Director Ducu is a certified private helicopter and drone pilot! He is working towards his commercial helicopter pilot status.  He currently operates the City of Lakewood’s drone to assist in inspecting the EPA outfalls, construction sites, roofs, and also helps with public safety incidents.

Roman joked,  “If citizens see a drone circling Lakewood construction projects, don’t worry it is just their public works director!”