Get to know the City of Lakewood's Building Commissioner, Joe Meyers. | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Get to know the City of Lakewood’s Building Commissioner, Joe Meyers.

February 03, 2020

Joe Meyers is going on his 18th year serving the City of Lakewood. Joe began his career with the City as a building inspector. He served in that role for over 10 years before moving on to become a Code Compliance Supervisor, then Assistant Building Commissioner, and is now entering his 2nd year as a Building Commissioner.

Prior to working for the City of Lakewood, Joe worked in private industry for 10 years conducting industrial inspections and residential repairs. Joe is a State of Ohio Board of Building Standards Certified Building Official, Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, and Electrical Inspector.

As Building Commissioner, Joe oversees the Housing & Building Department. The Department is comprised of 4 Property Maintenance Inspectors, 6 New Construction Inspectors, 3 Administrators, and an Assistant Building Commissioner. The Department conducts plan reviews and permit inspections for new construction projects, while working to maintain 13,000 one and two-family homes in Lakewood and about 4,000 other properties in the City through the enforcement of local codes.

“I take pride in the work our department has done to maintain and increase property values for Lakewood residents,” said Joe. “The housing survey has helped out tremendously. I hope to see the quality of housing continue to improve.”

Currently, Joe is working to get the department fully staffed. They are looking to hire a full-time building inspector. To learn more about this position and apply, visit

On his love for Lakewood, “It is a big, yet small community. I love the family focus of Lakewood, people seem to know each other very well. The businesses are connected and everyone works to challenge each other to continue to produce better outcomes.”

Joe has been married to Linda Meyers for 43 years. They share three children and are proud grandparents to two grandchildren. Joe loves to spend time with his family. He and his wife recently purchased a camper and are exploring the wide world of camping. In 2019, they drove the camper to Boston to meet their new 4-month old grandchild.

To contact Joe and the Housing & Building Department, email