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Downtown Development

Mixed-Use Development in the Heart of Lakewood

This website will be the landing page for communications and updates throughout this process. Please add your voice to the conversation by filling out the form under “Community Discussion.”

Community Update October 25, 2017

There have been two presentations to City Council recapping Round One and Round Two of the Downtown Development process. The presentations are provided below.

In addition to the Council Meetings above, a Committee of the Whole meeting will be held at 6:30 PM this coming Monday, October 30th in the Main Library Auditorium. This meeting will include an informational open house to discuss the Carnegie Proposal, and answer any questions the community may have about the process.

Community Update October 19, 2017

At this point in the process Carnegie is looking at a development to the scale of the mid-rise option.

The City has begun discussions with City Council about the Downtown Development.  City Council will be hosting meetings over the coming months to go over this process and define its path forward. The next step is for City Council to work together with the administration to develop a term sheet and development agreement. City Council, through its process, can decide to begin developing the term sheet and development agreement or not to develop the term sheet and development agreement if it does not approve of the recommendation made.

The meetings with Council are intended to recap the entire process from February to October of this year.  These meetings are listed in the updated schedule to the right of this page.  Additional meetings will be scheduled at the end of October.  The schedule on this webpage will be updated as meetings are scheduled.

Council will consider taking the following formal actions related to the development project.

  1. Council votes on term sheet/development agreement
  2. Property rezoned to Planned Development (6 step process to occur in 2018)*
    1. Introduce to Council to rezone the property
    2. Preliminary review and approval by Planning Commission
    3. Preliminary review and approval by Architectural Board of Review
    4. Final review and approval by Planning Commission
    5. Final review and approval by Architectural Board of Review
    6. Review and approval by Council

* Review of mix of uses, site planning, setbacks, heights, design of buildings and public space, material selection, landscaping, parking, etc.

Please engage with the City throughout the project via the Community Discussion form on the right of this page or reach out directly if you have questions about the process, project, or would like more information.

Community Update October 9, 2017

Carnegie Management & Development Corporation has been recommended as the most qualified and best partner to develop the nearly 6-acre former hospital site in the heart of Lakewood.

The letter to Council announcing the selection can be found HERE.

The next step is to enter into exclusive negotiations with Carnegie, and work towards building a term sheet and development agreement for the project. Flexibility and thorough understanding of the marketplace will be very important factors as the community approaches the next step in planning for the redevelopment of this site.

Community Update August 15, 2017

On July 25th the City hosted a Joint Planning Commission and Architecture Board of Review meeting.  Over 150 citizens of Lakewood came to show their support and ask questions about the proposals! Final selection of a development partner will occur in the fall.

Carnegie Management and Development and CASTO/North Pointe Realty presented their concepts and then fielded a variety of questions.  Presentations were focused on architectural and public space design, the proposed mix of uses, project value, and the Development Objectives.  Unfortunately, due to microphone system issues, sound for the full presentation was not captured.  PDFs of the Presentations and videos of the complete question and answer sessions are posted below.

Carnegie Management and Development Presentation

CASTO/North Point Realty Presentation & Video

A full list of the submitted questions is available here.


Community Update July 6, 2017

The Round Two proposals are in! The final two Development Teams, Carnegie Management & Development Corporation and CASTO & North Pointe Realty, worked over the last two months to propose concepts that interpret the City’s Development Objectives and how they might be specifically addressed on the 6-acre site. The designs included are preliminary and conceptual.  Each proposal provides site plans, architectural renderings, elevation studies, details on the proposed public space, parking, and how each team is incorporating sustainability in its concept. These proposals mark the beginning of the City and Public’s conversations with the Development Teams about what the sites could look like.  The City and the citizen-led panel will conduct an in-depth review of the full proposals in the upcoming months.

This marks another key point in the process in working towards selecting the best and most qualified Development Team for this project.

You can access the details of each submission via the two links below.

Carnegie Management & Development Corporation Round Two Proposal

CASTO & North Pointe Realty Round Two Proposal

Community Update June 21, 2017

The City is excited to announce a joint Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review meeting to hear the initial proposals from both of the Round Two teams. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of City Hall at 6:30 p.m. July 25.  Please reserve this date to hear the concepts, ask questions, and add your input on the selection of a development partner. If you are unable to make it to City Hall for the presentation, the discussion will be live streamed and a video recording posted to this webpage.

Community Update May 10, 2017

The Round Two, Request for Proposals has been shared with the final two teams and is posted under RFQ, RFP & Resources .   The document includes the required contents of the proposals, which are due on June 30, 2017. Stay tuned for more information on the Round Two public meeting!

Community Update May 3, 2017

The citizen-led advisory panel and the City administration conducted interviews with the five shortlisted teams. These teams were reviewed based on the evaluation criteria (consisting of Project Team, Relevant Experience, Approach, and Financials) and qualitative feedback. The Panel and City administration recommended two teams to move forward to Round Two of the process. These teams are:

  • Carnegie Management and Development Corporation
  • CASTO and North Pointe Realty, Inc.

Both teams are well qualified to lead the downtown development. The teams’ experiences display strong relationships with tenants and long-term commitment to projects. The approach laid out by both of these teams shows a valuable understanding of Lakewood as a community.   These teams showed an ability to put together thoughtful and purposeful team structures, exemplified project experience in mixed use development, and showed strong financial and design capabilities.

Round Two will include a more in depth submission including preliminary design concepts, financing strategies, and in-depth market analysis. Round Two will include a joint public meeting with Architectural Board of Review and Planning Commission in late July, when the development teams will be presenting conceptual plans to the community. The objective of this process is to select a the best and most qualified private developer or development team that will develop the Site consistent with the City’s Community Vision and Development Objectives.

Please utilize the “Community Questions & Input” section of this webpage if you have any questions, or would like to share input with the city about this project.

Community Update March 31, 2017

The City and the citizen-led advisory panel have reviewed eight competitive submissions for the nearly six acre development site.  Five of these development teams have been selected to engage in the first round interview. The team responses to the RFQ are provided via links in the bulleted list below. The initial selection step in the process was created to narrow down the list of development teams that matched the development opportunity best. Following the first round interviews, the city and the citizen led advisory panel will select a short list to submit proposals, which will include the first conceptual visions of the full potential of the site. Full details on the process and schedule can be found in the RFQ document by clicking on the link above, and via the links on the right side of this page.

The five teams shortlisted for interviews are listed below in alphabetical order:

Community Update March 23, 2017

The City of Lakewood received eight responses to the Downtown Development RFQ.  The city and the panel are working on their review of the submissions and will announce the shortlisted teams to interview on March 31st.

Community Update March 9, 2017

The City hosted a pre-submission meeting on Feb. 28 for development teams to ask questions about the RFQ process and have time to tour the Curtis Block building and the old wing of the hospital. There were approximately 40 people in attendance.  The meeting presentation given by Bryce Sylvester is provided under “Resources.”

A Request for Proposals to conduct a hazardous materials survey of the hospital building was released on February 24th.  Interested environmental consulting firms toured the building on March 7 and proposals are due on March 24.

Community Update Feb. 16, 2017

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the city hosted a community meeting at City Hall to discuss the Downtown Development RFQ process and give the community an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments. There were two presentations before the Q&A session with the public.

Photo courtesy of Aerial Agents

  • Schedule+-

    Below is a proposed project schedule intended to be used as a guideline to the process.

      • February 6, 2017: Public Launch of RFQ
      • February 28, 2017: Pre-submission meeting for development teams
      • February 20 & March 6, 2017: Deadline for development teams to submit questions
      • March 17, 2017: Round 1 responses due
      • March 27, 2017: Invite development teams to interview
      • April 18 & 19, 2017: Round 1 interview sessions A & B with panel
      • May 1, 2017: Announce Round 2 short list & send selected teams proposal guidelines
      • June 30, 2017: Round 2 responses due
      • July 25, 2017: Public Meeting
      • August, 2017: City & developer due diligence
      • Fall 2017: Recommendation to Lakewood City Council
      • October 16, 2017: Committee of the Whole meeting to recap Round 1 of the process.
      • October 23, 2017: Committee of Whole to recap Round 2 of the process.  6-7 PM City Hall Auditorium
      • October 30, 2017: Gather questions and feedback from Council and establish upcoming meetings schedule.


  • RFQ, RFP & Resources+-

    The city of Lakewood has solicited qualifications from interested parties to redevelop the city-owned former Lakewood Hospital site into a vibrant and transformative mixed-use urban neighborhood.

    Click here to download the Request for Qualifications.

    Round Two of the process is a Request for Proposals, which is posted at the link below. The objective of Round Two of the process is to select a private developer or development team that will develop the Site consistent with the City’s Community Vision and Development Objectives.

    Click here to download the Request for Proposals.

    Additional resources provided to the Development Teams are listed below.

  • Developer Q&A+-

    All questions that development teams may have related to this RFQ must be emailed to City Planner Katelyn Milius at Questions submitted by Feb. 20 will be answered and posted here on or before Feb. 24. Further questions may be submitted until 5 p.m. March 6. This final group of questions will be answered and posted on or before March 10. Any revisions/addendums to the RFQ and answers to submitted questions will be posted here.


    Will the contents of the “Confidential Financial Information” envelop, i.e. capability to source the capital, financing structure, and supporting documentation be included in the 40-page maximum for submissions?

    An option to keep the financial information in a separate, confidential envelop is provided, but this information will still be included in the Statement of Qualifications’ overall page count (limited to 40 pages).

    Is the City interested in preserving all or part of the old wing of the hospital?

    As stated in the RFQ the City desires the Development Team to:

    • Creatively integrate visionary architecture engaging and complimentary of the character and quality of Lakewood’s building stock, including design characteristics of the original hospital building; and
    • Recognize and restate the historical significance of the site for the community in built form.

    For example, the objectives stated above could include incorporating the rounded corner element that fronts Belle and Detroit somewhere on the site or, incorporating the façade of the old wing of the hospital in full or in part, as determined by the Development Team. The site visit will be important to help each team determine the building’s potential for reuse.

    Do you know if a scoring sheet will be used to rank the different proposals, if so do you know if the ranking sheet will include extra value to those projects that include the adaptive reuse of the old hospital?

    Proposals will be evaluated on how well they meet the Development Objectives listed in the RFQ, in addition to being evaluated on the topics of developer qualifications, approach, schedule, and financing strategy. The evaluation criteria does not specifically score proposals that include the adaptive reuse of the old hospital building differently than those that use other methods to “Recognize and restate the historical significance of the site for the community in built form.”

    Request to review the floor plans of the existing hospital: The plans for the existing Lakewood Hospital building are now provided in the “Resources” drop-down menu.

    Does the City of Lakewood have a topographic survey for the Site?

    A utilities map with the available 2-foot contours from the county is now available under “Resources” — or by clicking here.

    Would you please provide us with clarity on the relevant experience submission requirements?  Are we permitted to include current/previous experience of our design team in addition to our developer experience?  In other words, we would like to include 5 examples of our work and 5 examples from members of our design team.

    In the “Relevant Experience” section, the City would like to see your five best project examples with the requested details, which could include projects from members of your development team.  Project examples can and should be integrated into the “Project Team” section as well.  Highlight your top five in “Relevant Experience.” You may fit elements of other projects into the “Project Team” and “Approach” sections, but your submission must be within the 40-page limit.

  • Community Discussion+-

    Community Questions & Input

    Have a question or comment about the new development? Please fill out this form, and your feedback may be shared below.
    • First and last
    • (This will not be published in the responses below, but we may contact you to confirm your question and/or comment)

    The City plans to respond to each comment and question received via email. Common questions and feedback received are addressed below.


    Traffic and parking will be key considerations as the site is going through the approval process.

    Parking will be an important feature to balance on the development site.  One of the Development Objectives in the RFQ states:

    Serve multiple modes of transportation on site, while meeting realistic vehicle parking needs.

    The City will be looking at shared parking solutions to ensure adequate, but not excessive, parking spaces for the downtown district. The Planning Commission will be approving a parking plan for the site, and it will be based on the uses proposed, and the parking demand surrounding the site.


    The evaluation criteria that will be used to determine shortlisted teams are based on the submission requirements in the RFQ. The scoring sheets have been posted under the “Resources” drop down list. Scoring will be based on a quantitative and a qualitative review of each submission.


    The rehabilitation of the Curtis Block building is a requirement. The RFQ states:

    “As part of the 5.7 acre site, the City will look to the development team to rehabilitate the historic Curtis Block building. The two-story, 9,000 SF building is an original streetcar era building built in 1925. A smaller adjacent commercial building facing Marlowe is also owned by the City and may be demolished, but could be part of the rehabilitation plan. The primary goals for the adaptive reuse of the Curtis Block are to establish the building’s viability for the next 50 years, position the Site to respond to market conditions, and retain the building’s key architectural elements.”

    The parameters set for the old wing of the hospital are stated in the objectives section of the RFQ. The City desires the Development Team to:

    • Creatively integrate visionary architecture engaging and complimentary of the character and quality of Lakewood’s building stock, including design characteristics of the original hospital building; and
    • Recognize and restate the historical significance of the site for the community in built form.

    For example, the objectives stated above could include incorporating the rounded corner element that fronts Belle and Detroit somewhere on the site or, incorporating the façade of the old wing of the hospital in full or in part, as determined by the Development Team.

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