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Downtown Development

Mixed-Use Development in the Heart of Lakewood

This website serves as the landing place for detailed information throughout the Downtown Development Process.  The drop-down menu to the right provides basic information about the process and as you scroll through the community updates you can see how the process progressed over the past few years.  Please continue to check the website for updates throughout the process.


Community Update November 15, 2019

On September 13th, during removal of floor slabs and foundations at the former hospital site, the demolition contractor uncovered material which was stained and had a strong solvent odor. EA Group, the company providing environmental oversight for the project, immediately sampled this material and sent it for lab analysis.

The contaminant found in these materials was tetrachloroethylene (PCE), which is a chlorinated solvent most commonly used in dry cleaning. The source of the contamination is unknown, but we suspect that it came from the hospital laundry which was located in this area in the 1950s. The contamination has likely been trapped under the floor slab for several decades. PCE was often mishandled or improperly disposed of prior to stricter environmental regulations in the 1970s.

Although this issue was unanticipated, the City was prepared and had resources allocated to address issues arising during the demolition and site preparation. As the owner of the property, and very likely the operator of the hospital when this contamination was released, the City has an obligation to clean up this contamination, ensure the protection of the neighborhood, and make the site safe for re-use.

EA Group brought on Brownfield Restoration Group (BRG) as a subcontractor based on their experience with similar sites and situations. BRG mobilized quickly to drill soil and vapor sampling points along Marlowe Avenue to determine if the contamination had migrated off-site. Current sampling shows no evidence of off-site migration and no impact of this chemical to neighboring properties. The basements and foundations of the hospital were cut into shale bedrock which appears to have held the contamination in place under the floor slab until it was uncovered during demolition.

BRG then took up the task of characterizing and removing the contaminated materials from the site. Specially certified hazardous materials handlers were hired to excavate and transport this material to the appropriate landfills.

Once these cleanup activities are complete, the City will seek a No Further Action letter for the property through the Ohio EPA’s Voluntary Action Program(VAP). VAP requires extensive testing, risk assessment, and reporting which is compiled into a document describing the environmental problems found at the site, how those environmental problems were investigated and how the site was cleaned up. There are 133 other sites which have received No Further Action letters across Cuyahoga County. This tool is recognized as a way to ensure the suitability of the site for redevelopment and the protection of surrounding properties.

On November 13th, the City held an informational meeting with the residents of Belle and Marlowe Avenues adjacent to the hospital site to answer questions about the ongoing site preparations, environmental issues, and other questions of interest to those residents. View the presentation given at this meeting, here.

For more information, please contact the City of Lakewood’s Planning Department at 216-529-6630.


Community Update June 18, 2019

Last night, City Council voted unanimously to approve the Planned Development zoning for the One Lakewood Place project. This marks a major milestone for the project and is representative of years of work to prepare the project for support from city boards and commissions, city council, and perhaps most importantly, from many nearby neighbors.

Check out the video below for a virtual tour of the site!


Community Update June 4, 2019

Crews continue to work on Interior demolition at the former hospital site in preparation for bringing the building down.

Over the next two weeks, most of the work will be inside the building, but you may notice:

– Large machinery being removed from the roof and boiler room area
– Removal of electric transformers from the MRI addition
– Demolition of the remainder of the MRI addition
– Sorting, processing, and shipping out of scrap materials

Completion of interior demolition is expected by approximately June 14th. Demolition of the structures will follow quickly once interior demolition is complete.


Community Update May 30, 2019

The One Lakewood Place plan has been unanimously approved by Architectural Board of Review (ABR) and Planning Commission!  This is an important accomplishment in the process of rezoning the property to Planned Development.

Planned Development Approval Process

1.) Project Introduced to City Council
Referred to Planning Commission July 10, 2018

2.) Planning Commission reviews plan for preliminary approval
Approved December 6, 2018

3.) Planning Commission reviews and approves final development
Approved May 2, 2019

4.) Architectural Board of Review reviews and approves Final PD Plan
Approved May 28, 2019

5.) City Council approves Planned Development zoning
This final step of the PD rezoning process will be considered at council’s upcoming committee meetings, as provided below:

Monday, June 3rd 7-7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium at City Hall

Monday, June 10th 6-7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium at City Hall

The highlights from the ABR approval document are provided in the document below as well as the recording from both meetings when the project received approval. Both meeting recordings show the positive response from the board and commission members and neighbors who have been engaged in the project.

ABR Presentation Highlights PDF


Community Update  May 1, 2019

The One Lakewood Place design has been moving through Architectural Board of Review and the team continues to do great work responding to community feedback.  The most recent renderings are provided at the link below.

This Thursday the Carnegie Team will be requesting that the Planning Commission recommend approval of the final Planned Development plan.  The meeting begins at 7 PM in the City Hall Auditorium.  At the last meeting the traffic engineer presented the findings for the traffic study at the site and surrounding area.  A copy of the study is provided at the link below.

Updated Renderings of the One Lakewood Place project

One Lakewood Place Traffic Impact Study


Community Update April 11, 2019

An updated rendering from the south of the site.


Demolition and hazardous materials abatement at the former hospital building is proceeding well and on schedule. As of our April 2nd progress meeting, SAFECO (the demolition contractor) stated that they are nearly complete with asbestos abatement. They are approximately 50% complete with interior demolition. There is approximately 6 weeks of interior demolition work remaining.

The Emergency Room canopy and south end of the building were brought down first in order to make more room for material sorting, recycling, and truck circulation.  We anticipate that the Marlowe building, MRI-wing, and other portions of the hospital with no basement will be the next on the schedule for exterior demolition.

Site work will continue once demolition is complete.  Both the City and developer have conducted extensive environmental and geotechnical due diligence on the site. There is no indication that there are any unusual impediments to redevelopment of the site.  Overall, we are on target for completion of the project in line with the Development Agreement between the City and Carnegie Management and Development. The goal remains to have the new construction begin in 2019. This is an ambitious goal to be clear, but it is one that we are all working towards.


Community Update March 12, 2019

The results are in!  Thank you to everyone who took the survey on the community gathering space as a follow-up to the January 30th meeting.  The presentation below summarizes the results.

Community Gathering Space Survey Results

Last week at the Planning Commission meeting, the Carnegie Management and Development Corporation reviewed the Community Gathering Space layout.  This week they will review the building designs and gathering space with Architectural Board of Review.  Presentations from both meetings will be posted.


Community Update February 5, 2019

On Wednesday January 30, a workshop was held to get resident feedback on the Community Gathering Space.  Thank you to everyone who attended.

Community Gathering Space Presentation

Community Gathering Space Boards


Community Update January 17, 2019

Please join us and help shape the community gathering space!

When: January 30th, 6:30 PM

Where: Lakewood Public Library Main Branch

Multipurpose Room


Community Update January 14, 2019

At January’s Architectural Board of Review Meeting, the Carnegie Development and RDL Architects team presented an update on their progress designing the southern, residential portion of the development. They presented initial architectural concepts for the residential building fronting on Belle and Marlowe Avenues. This was followed by an update from the team’s landscape architects regarding the proposed streetscapes along Belle and Marlowe and within the site.

The entire presentation can be found at the link below as well as a recording of the presentation:

Presentation Link

The Board, City Staff, and several members of the public provided feedback on the plan, which will continue to be refined over the next several months, and the item was ultimately deferred to a future meeting.

Also, starting this week, the small commercial building off Marlowe will be demolished.  This precedes the full demolition to make room for staging more equipment.

Community Update January 2, 2019

The Architectural Board of Review saw the updated preliminary site Plan presented by the Carnegie Team at their meeting December 13th.  The presentation and a recording of the discussion are provided below:

Preliminary Site Plan Presentation to ABR 12/13/18

The Carnegie Team will not be heard at the Planning Commission Meeting in January, but will be reviewed at the Architectural Board of Review on January 10th .

Community Update December 7, 2018

Last night at the Planning Commission meeting, the Carnegie Team presented updated site plans.  The site plans made several improvements responding to neighborhood concerns that have been brought up over the last few months.  The presentation also went through the first draft of the design for the community gathering space.  The video recording of the presentation is provided below.

At the meeting, Planning Commission recommended the preliminary Planned Development approval of the plan as the first step of the zoning process, as shown below.  This approval allows the Carnegie team to move on to more detailed design of the development.

Planned Development Approval Process

  1. Planning Commission reviews plan for preliminary approval
  2. Architectural Board of Review begins review of site plan and elevations
  3. Planning Commission approves final development
  4. Architectural Board of Review approves site plan, elevations and materials
  5. City Council approves Planned Development zoning

The project will be heard at Architectural Board of Review at the meeting on December 13th at 5:30 PM.

The updated site plans are provided in the presentation below.

One Lakewood Place Site Presentation 12-6-2018

Community Update November 20, 2018

A meeting was held the evening of November 13, 2018 with the neighbors on Belle and Marlowe Avenue (Detroit to Franklin).  The goals of the meeting were to:

(a) Communicate updates on abatement and demolition

(b) Gain feedback on project specific to “sensitivity to the directly adjacent neighborhood”

Notes from the meeting as well as the presentation are provided below:

Neighbor Meeting Notes

Neighbor Meeting Presentation 

Community Update October 31, 2018

One Lakewood Place will not be heard at Planning Commission or Architectural Board of Review in the month of November, it will be deferred.  The architect is working on updating the plans in response to the comments they have heard to date and will come with an updated plan in December.

During the October meetings, City staff presented at Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review their analysis of the One Lakewood Place site plan.  The staff provided context by showing buildings in the neighborhood, properties throughout the city, and showing examples of projects in the region that are comparable to parts of the One Lakewood Place project.

The  recordings are provided below:

Planning Commission Minutes – October 4, 2018



Community Update September 19, 2018

Lakewood Alive Board Meeting with the Downtown Business Association

The City, in partnership with Carnegie Management and Development Corporation, has conducted several public meetings about the One Lakewood Place Development over the past weeks. The meeting minutes from each of these meetings are provided below, as well as a link to the video from the Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review (ABR) meetings. These meetings marked the beginning of the community planning and meeting process. Please sign up for email updates on the right side of this screen to get information on upcoming meetings.

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

ABR Meeting Minutes

LakewoodAlive Board Meeting Minutes


Community Update September 7, 2018

Last night, at the regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting, Carnegie Management and RDL Architects presented their preliminary plans for the Planned Development.  Planning Commission is focused on the land use for the development. This meeting kicks off several months of community meetings.  The plans and code analysis that were presented are provided at the link below.

One Lakewood Place Preliminary Plans

Planning Commission Presentation

The next opportunity to participate in a public meeting about the project is next Thursday, September 13 at 5:30 PM in the Auditorium at City Hall.  Architectural Board of Review will focus on the design of the project.


Community Update August 29, 2018

Carnegie, and its architect RDL Architects, are ready to begin the public meeting process with Planning Commission and the Architectural Board of Review (ABR) for the Planned Development zoning. RDL is the architecture firm that designed McKinley Place, and will lead most of the design and planning process with Carnegie.

The first Planning Commission meeting is on September 6th at 7 pm, and the first ABR meeting is on September 13th at 5:30 pm, both in the City Hall Auditorium. Planning Commission will be focused on topics related to land use (i.e. site planning, setbacks, density, building heights, use groups, traffic circulation, etc.), and ABR will be focused on design of the site and property (massing, building materials, landscaping, architecture, etc.). Both meetings will be treated as the formal kick off of the community planning process, which will involve numerous meetings with ABR and Planning Commission, in addition to having community meetings outside of city hall with the community and stakeholders (dates TBD). We expect that this community planning process will take several months.

You may start to notice activity around the Belle and Marlowe property.  Our safety forces are using the building for rare training opportunities. Training will mostly be inside the building.

Some of the hazardous materials removal will also begin in September.  They are as follows:

  • Underground storage tank pull– There are two underground storage tanks in the front yard of the hospital site that are required to be removed. The tanks held fuel for the backup generators at the property. The removal of these tanks will begin the first week in September. The work will take 45 days in total. Most of the tank removal portion of the work will happen in the first two weeks. You can expect to some temporary fencing in the front yard, and some increased truck traffic in early September.
  • Hazardous Materials Abatement – The hazardous materials bids have been received. A contractor will be hired in September, and the work will likely begin at the end of September. 


Community Update July 18, 2018

Lakewood Family Health Center

The new $34 million Lakewood Family Health Center, across the street from the former Lakewood Hospital site, has now begun accepting patients.  The facility features 60 exam rooms, with a 24/7 full-service emergency department.  The emergency room will begin operating in the new space July 25th , when the Clinic will vacate the former hospital building.

Read more about the opening in this article or the Cleveland Clinic’s press release.

Soon after the former hospital building is vacated by the Cleveland Clinic, abatement of the hazardous materials in the building will begin.  You may soon notice work on the site such as utility marking and environmental testing in preparation for the early fall removal of the diesel tanks that are buried in the front yard.

Community Update May 9, 2018

On Monday, May 7th, Lakewood City Council approved Proposed Ordinance 27-18, authorizing the execution and delivery of an agreement by and between the City of Lakewood, Ohio, and Carnegie Management and Development Corporation, related to the development of City-owned property at the southeast corner of Detroit Avenue and Belle Avenue. This vote approved the One Lakewood Place Term Sheet and enabled the City of Lakewood to draft and enter into a Development Use Agreement with Carnegie Management and Development Corporation.

The term sheet explains the business terms and structure of the project, the roles and responsibilities of the parties, and the minimum requirements for each party to deliver. By approving the term sheet, Lakewood City Council has made it possible for the City of Lakewood to realize the benefits of the One Lakewood Place development. Just a few examples of the benefits include the restoration of the historic Curtis Block Building, the development of Lakewood’s only Class A Office Space, new residential housing and a new community gathering space. Please click on the below PDF (attached) for the combined presentations given to Council over the last four meetings showing many of the benefits of the project.

We will continue to utilize this site, and social media for future updates and the opportunity to weigh in on the design process of One Lakewood Place at upcoming public meetings.

Combined Presentation of Last Four Meetings

Community Update April 30, 2018

At a council meeting on Monday April 30th, the discussion was focused primarily on questions that have come up over the previous two weeks from council members, and from members of the public. See below for a video of the meeting, as well as a presentation that was given to Council. Also, please find the updated “One Lakewood Place FAQ’s” in the Downtown Development FAQs drop down section on the right side of this page.

Special Meeting of Council Presentation 4/30/18


Community Update April 24, 2018

At a council meeting on Monday April 23rd, the discussion was focused on the return on investment of the project, financing, and the community gathering space. Please see below for a video of the meeting, as well as a presentation that was given to Council.

Special Meeting of Council Presentation 4/23/18


Community Update April 18, 2018

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on April 16th, city administration presented the shared vision for One Lakewood Place, the downtown development at the corner of Belle and Detroit. The presentation, a video of the meeting, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are  in the One Lakewood Place resources section on the right side of the page.  We will be updating the FAQs as questions come up throughout this step in the process.

Committee of the Whole Presentation



Community Update April 13, 2018

On Monday April 16th we will begin discussing the next steps of the One Lakewood Place development with City Council. The city administration and Carnegie Development Corporation have agreed on a shared vision for the development and now are recommending an approval of a term sheet.

Our partnership with Carnegie has created a flexible document, with important controls, that will deliver a transformative project on this site. The term sheet explains the business terms and structure of the project, the roles and responsibilities of the parties, and the minimum requirements for each party to deliver. It is primarily informed by Carnegie’s Round 2 proposal and the city’s development objectives created to guide this entire process, both of which can be found on this page. A summary of the sections and deliverables outlined in the term sheet includes:

  • Minimums established for the amount of office, retail, residential and on-site structured parking to ensure a truly mixed use project is constructed
  • Carnegie paying for the construction and maintenance, and programming for the first-class multi-functional community gathering space for the community
  • The historic Curtis Block building will be preserved, and renovated to create dynamic new spaces for growth in this architecturally significant building
  • The project will be completed within four years
  • The project will be maintained in a first-class manner in accordance with an approved operations and maintenance plan
  • Community engagement is specifically recognized as a vital and integral component of the project
  • Acknowledging and affirming the importance of the planning review process by the Planning Commission and the Architectural Board of Review as part of the project
  • The design of the project will integrate with the residential properties on Belle and Marlowe Avenues
  • On-site structured parking will include available spaces for any patron or visitor to the Downtown Lakewood District
  • Performance bonds will be secured for the to ensure the completion of the Project
  • Carnegie and the city have agreed to explore ambitious areas of focus for sustainability elements this project may be able to take on – including renewable energy possibilities, alternative transportation, and green infrastructure

The estimated $72 million development will generate real estate taxes on this property for the first time and will create new opportunities for income tax growth, most notably through new Class A office space and the addition of residential units that will attract businesses, add jobs, and increase the tax base. The project will generate a conservative estimate of $1.5 million in combined real estate and income taxes annually, which will directly benefit Lakewood’s tax base to support core services, in addition to supporting our other local government partners – the schools, the county, the MetroParks and the public library.

The city is investing in this project through the value of the land, which has an estimated value of between $5 and $6 million. The estimated value is primarily based on the fair market appraisal completed for Cleveland Clinic Family Health Center site in 2016, and will be confirmed by a market appraisal on the One Lakewood Place site.  The city’s investment is critical to achieving the above mentioned tangible benefits of the partnership, in addition to creating an opportunity for the city to be a formal partner throughout the design and approval process. One Lakewood Place will secure the long-term land use as a mixed-use site, which is a recognized urban development best practice that promotes and enhances neighborhood vibrancy and economic vitality, diversifies marketplace risk, and provides ample opportunities for people to engage with the project.

Carnegie has continued to be steadfast in its focus on and commitment to the development objectives, its proposal of a true mixed-use project, its approach to public financial support, and its confidence and thorough understanding of the marketplace. Specifically, Carnegie continues to address the importance of job creation, high quality urban design, opportunity for a diverse and sizable product mix (office, retail, apartments), and a commitment to forming a true partnership with the city. Carnegie is committed to making this Lakewood’s project and is eager to begin the community planning process that will change the character of the project for the better.

Committee of the whole is at 6 pm on Monday April 16th in the auditorium at city hall.

Click here for the term sheet and ordinance that will be introduced on Monday.

Community Update October 25, 2017

There have been two presentations to City Council recapping Round One and Round Two of the Downtown Development process. The presentations are provided below.

In addition to the Council Meetings above, a Committee of the Whole meeting will be held at 6:30 PM this coming Monday, October 30th in the Main Library Auditorium. This meeting will include an informational open house to discuss the Carnegie Proposal, and answer any questions the community may have about the process.

Community Update October 19, 2017

At this point in the process Carnegie is looking at a development to the scale of the mid-rise option.

The City has begun discussions with City Council about the Downtown Development.  City Council will be hosting meetings over the coming months to go over this process and define its path forward. The next step is for City Council to work together with the administration to develop a term sheet and development agreement. City Council, through its process, can decide to begin developing the term sheet and development agreement or not to develop the term sheet and development agreement if it does not approve of the recommendation made.

The meetings with Council are intended to recap the entire process from February to October of this year.  These meetings are listed in the updated schedule to the right of this page.  Additional meetings will be scheduled at the end of October.  The schedule on this webpage will be updated as meetings are scheduled.

Council will consider taking the following formal actions related to the development project.

  1. Council votes on term sheet/development agreement
  2. Property rezoned to Planned Development (6 step process to occur in 2018)*
    1. Introduce to Council to rezone the property
    2. Preliminary review and approval by Planning Commission
    3. Preliminary review and approval by Architectural Board of Review
    4. Final review and approval by Planning Commission
    5. Final review and approval by Architectural Board of Review
    6. Review and approval by Council

* Review of mix of uses, site planning, setbacks, heights, design of buildings and public space, material selection, landscaping, parking, etc.

Please engage with the City throughout the project via the Community Discussion form on the right of this page or reach out directly if you have questions about the process, project, or would like more information.

Community Update October 9, 2017

Carnegie Management & Development Corporation has been recommended as the most qualified and best partner to develop the nearly 6-acre former hospital site in the heart of Lakewood.

The letter to Council announcing the selection can be found HERE.

The next step is to enter into exclusive negotiations with Carnegie, and work towards building a term sheet and development agreement for the project. Flexibility and thorough understanding of the marketplace will be very important factors as the community approaches the next step in planning for the redevelopment of this site.

Community Update August 15, 2017

On July 25th the City hosted a Joint Planning Commission and Architecture Board of Review meeting.  Over 150 citizens of Lakewood came to show their support and ask questions about the proposals! Final selection of a development partner will occur in the fall.

Carnegie Management and Development and CASTO/North Pointe Realty presented their concepts and then fielded a variety of questions.  Presentations were focused on architectural and public space design, the proposed mix of uses, project value, and the Development Objectives.  Unfortunately, due to microphone system issues, sound for the full presentation was not captured.  PDFs of the Presentations and videos of the complete question and answer sessions are posted below.

Carnegie Management and Development Presentation

CASTO/North Point Realty Presentation & Video

A full list of the submitted questions is available here.


Community Update July 6, 2017

The Round Two proposals are in! The final two Development Teams, Carnegie Management & Development Corporation and CASTO & North Pointe Realty, worked over the last two months to propose concepts that interpret the City’s Development Objectives and how they might be specifically addressed on the 6-acre site. The designs included are preliminary and conceptual.  Each proposal provides site plans, architectural renderings, elevation studies, details on the proposed public space, parking, and how each team is incorporating sustainability in its concept. These proposals mark the beginning of the City and Public’s conversations with the Development Teams about what the sites could look like.  The City and the citizen-led panel will conduct an in-depth review of the full proposals in the upcoming months.

This marks another key point in the process in working towards selecting the best and most qualified Development Team for this project.

You can access the details of each submission via the two links below.

Carnegie Management & Development Corporation Round Two Proposal

CASTO & North Pointe Realty Round Two Proposal

Community Update June 21, 2017

The City is excited to announce a joint Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review meeting to hear the initial proposals from both of the Round Two teams. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of City Hall at 6:30 p.m. July 25.  Please reserve this date to hear the concepts, ask questions, and add your input on the selection of a development partner. If you are unable to make it to City Hall for the presentation, the discussion will be live streamed and a video recording posted to this webpage.

Community Update May 10, 2017

The Round Two, Request for Proposals has been shared with the final two teams and is posted under RFQ, RFP & Resources .   The document includes the required contents of the proposals, which are due on June 30, 2017. Stay tuned for more information on the Round Two public meeting!

Community Update May 3, 2017

The citizen-led advisory panel and the City administration conducted interviews with the five shortlisted teams. These teams were reviewed based on the evaluation criteria (consisting of Project Team, Relevant Experience, Approach, and Financials) and qualitative feedback. The Panel and City administration recommended two teams to move forward to Round Two of the process. These teams are:

  • Carnegie Management and Development Corporation
  • CASTO and North Pointe Realty, Inc.

Both teams are well qualified to lead the downtown development. The teams’ experiences display strong relationships with tenants and long-term commitment to projects. The approach laid out by both of these teams shows a valuable understanding of Lakewood as a community.   These teams showed an ability to put together thoughtful and purposeful team structures, exemplified project experience in mixed use development, and showed strong financial and design capabilities.

Round Two will include a more in depth submission including preliminary design concepts, financing strategies, and in-depth market analysis. Round Two will include a joint public meeting with Architectural Board of Review and Planning Commission in late July, when the development teams will be presenting conceptual plans to the community. The objective of this process is to select a the best and most qualified private developer or development team that will develop the Site consistent with the City’s Community Vision and Development Objectives.

Please utilize the “Community Questions & Input” section of this webpage if you have any questions, or would like to share input with the city about this project.

Community Update March 31, 2017

The City and the citizen-led advisory panel have reviewed eight competitive submissions for the nearly six acre development site.  Five of these development teams have been selected to engage in the first round interview. The team responses to the RFQ are provided via links in the bulleted list below. The initial selection step in the process was created to narrow down the list of development teams that matched the development opportunity best. Following the first round interviews, the city and the citizen led advisory panel will select a short list to submit proposals, which will include the first conceptual visions of the full potential of the site. Full details on the process and schedule can be found in the RFQ document by clicking on the link above, and via the links on the right side of this page.

The five teams shortlisted for interviews are listed below in alphabetical order:

Community Update March 23, 2017

The City of Lakewood received eight responses to the Downtown Development RFQ.  The city and the panel are working on their review of the submissions and will announce the shortlisted teams to interview on March 31st.

Community Update March 9, 2017

The City hosted a pre-submission meeting on Feb. 28 for development teams to ask questions about the RFQ process and have time to tour the Curtis Block building and the old wing of the hospital. There were approximately 40 people in attendance.  The meeting presentation given by Bryce Sylvester is provided under “Resources.”

A Request for Proposals to conduct a hazardous materials survey of the hospital building was released on February 24th.  Interested environmental consulting firms toured the building on March 7 and proposals are due on March 24.

Community Update Feb. 16, 2017

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the city hosted a community meeting at City Hall to discuss the Downtown Development RFQ process and give the community an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments. There were two presentations before the Q&A session with the public.

Photo courtesy of Aerial Agents

  • One Lakewood Place Resources+-

  • Public Meetings+-

    Public Meetings about One Lakewood Place will be listed here as they are scheduled.

    Community Meeting to Discuss Community Gathering Space

    When: January 30th, 6:30 PM

    Where: Lakewood Public Library Main Branch, Multipurpose Room

  • Development Schedule+-

    Planned Development Rezoning Process- Begins in September

    Underground storage tank pull- Early September

    Hazardous Materials Abatement – Fall

    Demolition- Winter

  • RFQ, RFP & Resources+-

    The city of Lakewood solicited qualifications from interested parties to redevelop the city-owned former Lakewood Hospital site into a vibrant and transformative mixed-use urban neighborhood.  This section describes the process and resources used to select the best and most qualified developer for the project.

    Round One of the Process was a Request for Qualifications.  The objective of this round was to shortlist the best and most qualified teams to proceed to Round Two of the process.

    Click here to download the Request for Qualifications.

    Round Two of the process was a Request for Proposals, which is posted at the link below. The objective of Round Two of the process was to select a private developer or development team that will develop the Site consistent with the City’s Community Vision and Development Objectives.

    Click here to download the Request for Proposals.

    Additional resources provided to the Development Teams are listed below.

  • Downtown Development E-Mail Sign-Up+-

    Downtown Development E-Mail Sign-Up

    Add me to Lakewood’s Downtown Development email list (Sign up to receive public meeting notifications, website updates, etc.).
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • 2019 FAQs+-

    Is the city of Lakewood’s agreement to sell the former hospital site located at the southeast corner of Belle Avenue and Detroit Avenue to Carnegie Management & Development Corporation legal and in accordance with the requirements of the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code and the Lakewood Third Amended Charter and Lakewood Codified Ordinances?

    Yes.  Lakewood Ordinance 27-18 was adopted and approved by the city on May 8, 2018 and the Letter of Intent and Development & Use Agreement subsequently entered into by the city of Lakewood and Carnegie Management & Development Corporation were legal and in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, the city of Lakewood Third Amended Charter and the Lakewood Codified Ordinances.  All provisions of Chapters 111 and 155 of the Lakewood Codified Ordinances, including but not limited to Sections 111.04 and 155.07, with respect to contracts for the purchase, sale or lease of city-owned property were met by Ordinance 27-18.

    Why wasn’t the city required to comply with Ohio Revised Code Chapter 721 and advertise the sale of the ‘hospital property’ at Belle Avenue and Detroit Avenue in a newspaper for five consecutive weeks followed by a sale of the property to the highest bidder?

    The city was not required to advertise the hospital property for sale in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Chapter 721 because municipalities, such as Lakewood, have been given home-rule powers in Article XVIII, Section 3 of the Ohio Constitution and have been granted the opportunity to develop their own processes for the sale of property under the authority of their own municipal charters.  In many cases, it makes little sense to advertise a property and offer it according to the Revised Code’s customary provisions because properties like the hospital property come with a great deal of complexity (asbestos abatement, demolition costs, what the community envisions for expected future use of the property, and the ability for any buyer to deliver on those expectations, among many other considerations).

    Why didn’t the city decide to advertise the property in a newspaper?

    The development of a property of this size and complexity, with an existing hospital building onsite and with such a transformative objective in mind, did not merit simply advertising the property and selling it to a bidder. The city underwent a lengthy, detailed process (described more fully here and here) that resulted in a developer being selected who could meet all of the objectives.

    Bids are only appropriate when a fixed product is clearly identified. In the case of a large commercial development such as this, the final product would ultimately be determined by a combination of developer vision, marketplace acceptance, and practical realities of building something new and unique. Consequently, the city sought a partner to work through all of these uncertainties. A request for proposal was issued. Seven developer teams responded, and the process narrowed it to two candidates by an experienced and expert group of volunteer citizens accustomed to working with developers on major land-use projects such as this. Additional information was solicited from the two finalists. One was ultimately selected on the basis of experience, financial strength, commitment, corporate culture, approach to risk and design vision for the project.  All these steps, rather than a simple advertisement in the newspaper, were required to ensure the best possible outcome for Lakewood.

    When did the city of Lakewood adopt its first charter?

    In 1913, the city of Lakewood was one of five municipalities, along with Cleveland, Dayton, Middletown and Springfield, to become a chartered one year after the Ohio Constitution, Article XVIII was adopted in 1912.  Municipal charters must be approved by a vote of the majority of those voting.

    What are ‘home rule’ powers?

    According to the Ohio Constitution Article XVIII, Section 3, established in 1912, municipalities have the authority to exercise all powers of local self-government, and to adopt and enforce within their limits such local police, sanitary and other similar regulations, so long as they are not in conflict with general laws.  Powers of local self-government are procedural powers of self-government that relate to structure and form of government and procedures – or, how government operates.  These powers include the power to buy and sell property on terms approved by city council.

    How does a municipal government obtain ‘home rule’ powers?

    A municipality was granted home-rule powers in Article XVIII, Section 3 of the Ohio Constitution. Article XVIII, Section 7 grants that any municipality may frame and adopt or amend a charter for its government and may exercise all powers of local self-government.  Thus, the municipal charter is essentially the constitution for the municipality.

    Has the city of Lakewood amended its charter since first being adopted in 1913?

    Yes.  The city of Lakewood has amended its charter many times over the years, and has made large-scale amendments in 1985, 2000 and most recently 2017, when the Third Amended Charter was adopted by the voters.