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Safe and getting safer: Maintaining the highest degree of community safety by providing excellent safety services,
promoting resident participation, and expanding effective communication.

In Lakewood, one of the top priorities is not only keeping residents safe, but also helping them feel safe. By using an aggressive prevention strategy — from police and fire to housing — the city of Lakewood continues to keep its focus on safety.


Employees in the Lakewood Police Department preserve the peace, protect life and property, prevent crimes, apprehend criminals, recover lost and stolen property, and enforce, in a fair and impartial manner, the ordinances of the City of Lakewood and the laws of the State of Ohio and the United States of America. The Police Department is led by Chief Timothy Malley.


Meanwhile, the mission of the Lakewood Fire Department is “to protect and safeguard life and property from fire or hazardous conditions: to provide emergency medical treatment to those in need.” Under the leadership of Chief Scott Gilman, the department achieves its missions using a fire and medical rescue delivery system consisting of fire prevention, fire safety education, fire and medical rescue operations and hazard abatement. There are 88 members of the Division of Fire, organized as the staff or support function and the line or operations function.

Staying safe

By the numbers, excellent safety services, along with engaged participation from residents and neighborhood block clubs (63 in total) have led to Lakewood becoming a safer place in the last five years. Since 2007, Lakewood has seen a 42 percent decrease in crimes of violence, a 14 percent decrease in burglaries, a 45% decrease in auto thefts and 47 percent decrease in robberies. The city has 63 neighborhood block clubs — resident-driven entities helping neighbors work with police and other city departments to ensure safety and security in our community.

Curious about a police call, incident or report, please contact the Lakewood Police Department at (216) 521-6773 or visit

Police / Fire information

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