Mobility | The City of Lakewood, Ohio


Providing safe, convenient, and integrated transportation options throughout the community

With over 180 miles of sidewalks and 90 miles of streets, Lakewood is recognized as Ohio’s most walkable city based on the nationally recognized ranking system Walk Score. An estimated 77 percent of Lakewood residents commute to work by car, while a combined 10% walk or use public transportation. Based on a 2010 traffic analysis, approximately 1,100 pedestrians and 225 cyclists pass through downtown in a typical six-hour period.

The city is served by six bus lines (RTA routes 25, 26, 43, 55, 78 and 83), as well as two rapid rail stations (W 117th and Triskett). In 2013 two of these bus routes (55 Clifton, and 25 Madison) are scheduled to receive significant investment in the form of enhanced transit waiting environments.

Lakewood’s Bicycle Master Plan was adopted by City Council in 2012 and has led to several significant milestones such as the installation of 16 bicycle signs and more than 50 new bicycle racks citywide, including the region’s first on-street bicycle corral. Funds have also been allocated to introduce shared lane markings or “sharrows” on Detroit and Madison Avenues.