Commitment to water, sewer infrastructure causes increase to utility rates | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Commitment to water, sewer infrastructure causes increase to utility rates

December 27, 2017

As the city moves into its second century, the need to improve an aging water and sewer system, as well as comply with Environmental Protection Agency mandates, becomes a more prevalent need than ever before.

To support these improvements, City Council voted to approve a slight increase to the water and sewer rates Dec. 18 at its final meeting of 2017.

Beginning Jan. 1, water rates will increase five percent from $6.44 per ccf, or 100 cubic feet, to $6.76 and sewer rates will increase 10 percent from $6.20 per ccf to $6.82. A typical residential bill of six ccf per month will increase from $75.84 in 2017 to $81.48 in 2018.

The overall usage cost will ultimately be about 1.8 cents per gallon, which is about average for the region.

“Lakewood is unique in the region as we operate our own drinking water system, as well as our own sewer and waste treatment system,” Mayor Mike Summers said. “As is the case in many aspects of our city, we have to upgrade, replace, and continue to reinvest in our future. Our underground assets of water and sewer pipes are chief among these investments.”

The increases will fund about $11.6 million in system repairs, including $4.8 million in watermain replacements as well as sewer repairs and manhole separation during pavement restoration. Several streets will see watermain replacements in 2018, including sections of Athens Avenue, Atkins Avenue, Hathaway Avenue, Lewis Avenue, Sylvan Avenue and Waterbury Road.

There is a Homestead Exemption that reduces rates for any homeowner who is 65 years of age or older—or is permanently disabled—with a total household income below $35,000 per year. This water rate will increase from $3.55 per ccf to $3.72 and the sewer rate will increase from $4.65 to $5.12.

If you feel you may qualify, if you would like to setup monthly ACH payments, or if you have any other questions, please contact the City of Lakewood’s Division of Utility Billing at (216) 529-6820 and select option No. 2.

For more information on upcoming watermain projects, click here.

To view the presentation from City Council’s meeting, click here.