Chief Gilman, Mayor Summers Respond to Concerns Over Emergency Medical Care | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Chief Gilman, Mayor Summers Respond to Concerns Over Emergency Medical Care

September 20, 2016

Fire Chief Scott Gilman and Mayor Michael Summers are repudiating rumors in the community about emergency medical treatment in Lakewood. The pair hosted a press conference at Lakewood Fire Station No. 1 on Tuesday morning to dispel myths and share some facts.

I’ve been helping protect and save the lives of Lakewood residents for more than 34 years,” said Gilman. “As fire chief, I take my job very seriously; my No. 1 priority is to keep all of the members of this community safe.”

Since the hospital closed in February, there has been no delay in medical care; EMS crews will continue to transport patients to the most appropriate facility for treatment — including the Emergency Department in Lakewood, which continues to operate.

Gilman pointed out that the number of patients taken and treated at the Emergency Department continues to climb. More than half of all residents transported by the Lakewood Fire Department were taken to the Emergency Department in Lakewood.

“I would not have supported Lakewood City Council’s decision if the agreement with the Cleveland Clinic to run a 24/7 Emergency Department did not keep residents safe and meet the healthcare needs of Lakewood,” added Gilman.

“The narrative that’s been floated in the community that ‘people will die’ in transit to nearby healthcare facilities is dangerous rhetoric, completely false, and insulting to the men and women sworn to keep our residents safe each day — and it needs to stop.”

Mayor Summers agreed.

“As the director of Public Safety, it’s my job to make sure that our residents are safe,” said Summers. “If residents believe they are having a medical emergency, they should continue to call 9-1-1, so that our excellent first responders can make the best assessment.”