Lakewood City Charter | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood City Charter

Since 2000, Lakewood has been governed by a document called the Second Amended Charter.  The charter is the most important governing document specific to any city in Ohio.  In November 2017, Lakewood voters will be asked whether to approve the proposed Third Amended Charter which is designed to modernize and simplify this most sacred document but not overhaul the day-to-day operation of the city government.  The proposed new charter was drafted by a non-partisan, diverse group of citizens serving on the Charter Review Commission over a period of months after very serious study of the current charter.

Find everything you need to know about this important election issue here.  Below are links to the current charter, the proposed Third Amended Charter, the charter commission’s report explaining all suggested changes, a chart of eight additional changes suggested by city council, and a letter from the charter commission chair, the council president and the mayor sent to all voters introducing this ballot issue.

The question of whether to adopt the Third Amended Charter will be Issue 24 on your November 7, 2017 ballot.  Here is how it will look:

Charter Related Documents