C-SPAN Coming to Lakewood Park on July 15 | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

C-SPAN Coming to Lakewood Park on July 15

July 12, 2016

Want to take a look at the history of all of the Presidential elections? It’d make sense, especially given that Cleveland is about to be a part of that history.

As part of C-SPAN’s extensive coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the cable network will set up shop at Lakewood Park on July 15.

The city of Lakewood is partnering with LakewoodAlive, encouraging residents and visitors to stop by the C-SPAN Campaign 2016 Bus. Usually, the bus travels the country visiting schools, universities, and political events across the country to engage communities on C-SPAN’s programming and resources dedicated to showing the American political process.

But for this visit in Lakewood, the bus will also feature the American Talking Points exhibit, highlighting historic elections from years past.

The vehicle will be stationed in the parking lot at Lakewood Park from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and is free and open to visitors.

Through on-board multimedia technology and interactive exhibits, visitors will learn about C-SPAN’s in depth coverage of the campaign, including its signature political program, “Road to the White House,” which provides access to all of the Campaign 2016 presidential candidates and their events from the campaign trail — all without editing, commentary, or analysis.

“We will have our camera crew covering the Convention in Cleveland, along with what’s happening in the community,” said Rachel Katz, the marketing specialist for C-SPAN. “The idea behind the bus is to be able to engage with this community.”

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about the candidates, the electoral process, Electoral College history, and C-SPAN’s resources for Campaign 2016 through a customized interactive video App on the touchscreen computers aboard the Bus.

Sponsored by C-SPAN and the White House Historical Association, American Presidents: Life Portraits is a traveling exhibit that gives visitors a unique look at the 43 presidents of the United States and each president’s first lady.