Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Introducing a New (Historic) Face for Lakewood's Busiest Intersection

The Bailey Building, located at the southeast corner of Detroit Avenue and Warren Road has been a long time concern for Lakewood's downtown. It's drab concrete brutalist look and aging facade has been an eyesore for many years. Called the Bailey Building because if was once the location of the 1920's era Bailey Department store - a beautiful brick and stone building with great awnings and wide storefront windows. Turns out it is still the location of the 1920's Bailey Department store all this time it has just been hidden since the early 1960's under a curtain wall of concrete and steel.

Under new ownership since earlier this year, the Department of Planning and Development has been working with the new owner to give the building a second life, attract new tenants and be a asset to the busiest intersection in Lakewood. Then Design Architects were retained by the owner to develop a restoration plan that removes the concrete facade and reveals the well preserved brick building that has been hidden for all these years.

A special hearing of Lakewood's Architectural Board of Review was held on September 3rd and the rehabilitation plans were approved. The new Bailey Building will be the high quality building fitting such a prominent corner of Lakewood's downtown and provide a bevy of new dining and shopping options for residents and visitors alike. Though some hurdles remain, parties are optimistic that the project will be complete mid 2010.