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Certificate of occupancy

Important Update!!!

Effective immediately,  “Certificate of Occupancy” (C of O) inspections (also known as “Point-of-Sale” or POS inspections) are no longer required by the city of Lakewood for residential rental income property and commercial retail tenants unless the change in tenancy constitutes a change of use or occupancy under state building code.  Legislation currently in front of city council will write this policy in to our ordinances.  Lakewood has not had a history of conducting warrantless or coerced searches, but these proposed code changes follow statewide litigation that has called into constitutional doubt municipal ordinances forcing point-of-sale inspections without consent.

C of O inspections of owner occupied 1 & 2-family properties, rental income or commercial retail tenant spaces NOT required by law are still available on a voluntary basis.  Should an owner request one, an inspection will be conducted. Code violations cited must be corrected before the property can transfer ownership.

Applications are available online (below) or can be obtained in the Building Department. Applicants need to provide all required information on the form. Incomplete applications will be returned for resubmittal. Applications will be accepted at the front desk with payment and an inspection appointment will be scheduled.  Inspection reports require 10 days to process.