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Boards and Commissions

Citizen participation in the governing process is part of what makes Lakewood a great place to call home. Over 70 Lakewood citizens volunteer their time, experience and expertise to serve on one of Lakewood’s many Boards and Commissions.

The Mayor and City Council appoint most Commission members who act in advisory and decision making capacities on various issues affecting the community. Board and Commission members meet regularly and work proactively to improve our neighborhoods, maintain and enhance our housing stock, beautify our commercial districts, promote historic preservation and restoration, and enhance Lakewood’s reputation as a full service, diverse community.

City Boards and Commissions include the following:

  • Animal Safety and Welfare Advisory Board
  • Audit Committee
  • Building Standards/Architectural Board of Review/Sign Review
  • Citizens Advisory Committee
  • City Records Commission
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Community Relations Advisory Commission
  • Fair Employment Wage Board
  • Heritage Advisory Board
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Keep Lakewood Beautiful
  • Loan Approval Board
  • Nuisance Abatement Appeals
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Appeals

Here are the applications for the city’s boards and commissions:

Want to get involved?

The city of Lakewood is always looking for good men and women to serve on these volunteer-driven boards and commissions.

If you’re interested, please check out the application to serve on Board/Commission.  Completed applications to serve on a Board/Commission can be submitted to the Mayor’s Office at and/or Lakewood City Council at

Boards and Commissions

  • Boards & Commissions Videos+-

    Click here to view the City’s Boards & Commissions videos.

  • Animal Safety and Welfare Advisory Board+-

    The Lakewood Animal Safety and Welfare Advisory Board was established to serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and Council on issues related to the health and welfare of humans and animals as they interact in our community.

    The Lakewood Animal Safety and Welfare Advisory board is composed of eleven members. Board members include a representative from the Lakewood City Council, the Director of Public Safety or a representative of that office, and nine members who are residents of the City of Lakewood with  some area of expertise in animal behavior, animal safety or other experience that would bring diversity to the membership of the Board.

    The Lakewood Animal Safety and Welfare Advisory Board is an advisory board and shall coordinate its activities with the Administration and Council.  The board shall report to Council and the Mayor at the request of either or at its own discretion.

    Responsible Pet Owners as Tenants

    Guide To Responsible Pet Ownership


    Bird Feeding Guide

    City Chickens

  • Board of Building Standards (BBS) / Architectural Board of Review (ABR) / Sign Review Board+-

    The Board of Building Standards (BBS) / Architectural Board of Review (ABR) / Sign Review Board considers architectural proposal for commercial and residential properties, reviews applications for variances to the city’s Building Code, and reviews all sign proposals.

    Board Members:

    Robert Donaldson
    Amy Haney, Vice Chair
    David Maniet
    David Robar, Chair
    John Waddell

    Board of Building Standards/Architectural Board of Review/Sign Review Application

    Click here to view the 2018 Meeting Calendar.

    Click here to view the BBS/ARB/Sign Review Board agendas.

    Click here to view the BBS/ARB/Sign Review Board minutes.

  • Audit Committee+-

    The City of Lakewood Audit Committee was established (LCO Chapter 160) in 2007 to provide independent review and oversight of the City’s financial reporting processes, internal controls, and the independent auditor comments. The Committee shall review financial statements, independent auditor reports and follow up on corrective actions; review the City of Lakewood’s comprehensive framework of internal controls; to assess the performance of the independent auditor; and to provide an independent forum to report findings of management fraud, abuse or control override to the independent auditor.

    The Audit Committee shall be composed of the Lakewood City Council Finance Committee members, two Lakewood residents appointed by City Council and four Lakewood residents appointed by the Mayor. The appointed Lakewood residents must currently or formerly have been employed in the finance industry, or serve in a finance capacity, preferable within government finance, and/or must be a recognized expert of the finance industry. Committee members shall receive no compensation for their service and shall have a point of contact in the Department of Finance.

    2018 Audit Committee Members

    Councilmember Tom Bullock
    Woody Calleri
    Ray Cushing, Chair
    Council Member Meghan George
    Michelle McCue, Secretary
    Melissa Meixner
    Council member Dan O’Malley
    Ann Spence
    Adam Willis

  • Citizens Advisory Committee+-

    The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is a 17-member committee, and includes 9 members appointed by the Mayor to serve two-year terms and 8 members appointed by the City Council to serve one-year terms.

    The CAC is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and researching Community Development needs and the Consolidated Plan of the City of Lakewood. In this context, the CAC reviews various proposals for federal funds and makes recommendations to the City Council as to what programs would be funded and at what funding levels in a particular year. The CAC members analyze requests for funds in relation to the needs of the community and the amount of funds available.

    In order to ensure that all citizens of Lakewood have an opportunity to discuss community needs and proposed programs, the CAC holds two public hearings. The first, held near the beginning of the review process, provides an opportunity for discussion of community needs. The second public hearing, held at the end of the process, is devoted largely to comments with regard to any proposed programs.

    The work of the CAC takes place over approximately seven evening meetings, beginning in early August and ending in early October. The first meeting includes a training session for new CAC members. The first or second meeting is a general organizational meeting for all members providing a review of federal regulations and distribution of Committee members’ notebooks. The final meeting of the CAC is also the date of the second public hearing at which citizens may comment on any proposals being considered by the Committee. Citizens may also comment on the Consolidated Plan and various community needs. The Mayor is invited to this meeting to present comments with regard to the various proposals.

    Following this public hearing, the Committee will discuss the proposals for using the funds in relation to community needs. Proposals are prioritized and funding recommendations are made. A written CAC report is sent to the Mayor and to City Council.

    When City Council receives the CAC recommendations, the report is generally referred to a Committee. CAC members are then invited to attend the Committee meeting(s) for their input during the final decision-making process.

  • City Records Commission+-

    The City Records Commission is composed of the Mayor or his or her appointed representative, as chairperson, the Director of Finance, the Director of Law and a citizen appointed by the Mayor. The functions of the City Records Commission shall be to provide rules for retention and disposal of records of the City; to review, revise and approve schedules of records retention; to review all applications for records disposal and schedules of records disposition submitted by the City; and to ensure compliance with general law related to records retention, disposal and disposition. The Commission shall meet at least once every six months and upon the call of the chairperson.

    Click here to see the Record Retention Polices for the City of Lakewood.

  • Civil Service Commission+-

    Among the duties of the Lakewood Civil Service Commission, the Commission provides testing to determine merit and fitness of qualified applicants for original and promotional appointment to classified positions with the City of Lakewood and Lakewood Board of Education.

    Board Members:

    • Ken Kowalski
    • Lori Petti
    • Maria Shinn

    Click here for the 2018 Lakewood Civil Service Commission meeting schedule.

    Entry Level Patrol Officer Exam

    2018 Proposed Amendments to the Civil Service Rules and Regulations

  • Community Relations Advisory Commission+-

    The Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission was established (LCO Chapter 142) in 2005 to serve in an advisory capacity for the purpose of educating, informing and making recommendations to City officials, departments, boards and commissions on matters relating to community relations within the City of Lakewood in an effort to advance:

    • Respect for diversity: Acknowledge we live in a dynamic community with an ever- changing variety of group and individual experiences, and affirm values derived from the understanding of our differences (whether based on socio-economic class, culture, religion, race, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexual orientation).
    • Bonds of mutuality: Recognize the interdependence of our different interests as we work toward serving the common good, and ensure community relations have substantive meaning by acknowledging, as Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.”
    • Equity: Affirm our commitment to social justice, and assure all groups and individuals have the opportunity to participate fully in civic affairs with equal access to employment, community resources, and decision-making processes.

    The Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission is composed of thirteen (13) residents that broadly represent the social, economic, and cultural interests of Lakewood, Ohio. City Council has 7 appointments and the Mayor has 6 appointments to the Commission. Each member of City Council shall appoint one (1) member to the Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission.

    Commission members shall serve a term of three (3) years. Whenever possible, one member shall also be a member of the Lakewood Board of Education, one member shall be a member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and one member shall be a member of the Lakewood Ministerial Association.

    The Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission is to be advisory to and shall coordinate its activities with the Mayor, Lakewood City Council, Planning Commission, and any other such boards, commissions, agencies, or departments of the City of Lakewood, Ohio. The Lakewood Community Relations Advisory Commission is also authorized to undertake community relations tasks as requested by the Mayor and City Council.

  • Fair Employment Wage Board+-

    The Fair Employment Wage Board (FEWB) reviews the effectiveness of the living wage ordinance (LCO Chapter 113) to ensure that the community is informed on whether those companies that are being awarded service contracts by the City are adhering to the ordinance. The ordinance calls for covered employers to pay no less than $11.91/hour with health benefits paid by the employer or $13.21/hour without health benefits paid by the employer to covered employees. The FEWB also makes recommendations to the Administration and Lakewood City Council, when appropriate, regarding issues pertaining to the living wage policy.

  • Heritage Advisory Board+-

    The Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board has been established to serve in an advisory capacity for the purpose of educating, informing, and making recommendations to City Officials, Departments, Boards and Commissions, and the community on matters relating to historic preservation.

    Board Members:

    • Stephen Jouriles
    • Peter Ketter
    • Frank Scalish
    • Hilary Schickler (Vice Chair, Secretary)
    • Jason Shachner
    • Richard Sicha (Chairman)
    • Jeffrey Weber

    To nominate a Lakewood property for historic designation, click here. For the long-form (fillable PDF), click here.


  • Human Rights Commission+-

    The Human Rights Commission was established in 2016 as part of the city’s comprehensive Human Rights Ordinance, which protects citizens from discrimination in areas such as employment, housing, education, and public accommodation (LCO Chapter 516). The responsibilities of the Human Rights Commission are to receive, initiate, investigate, seek to conciliate, hold hearings on and pass upon complaints alleging unlawful discrimination, and to cooperate with the community in the development of education programs regarding equal opportunity of all individuals in Lakewood.
    The commission is made up of three members: One will be the Director of Planning and Development or his or her designee for the City; the second member is be appointed by the mayor; and the third member is appointed by majority vote of council. Each member of the Commission shall serve a term of three years and until his or her successor has been appointed and qualified for office.
  • Keep Lakewood Beautiful+-

    Click here for the Keep Lakewood Beautiful page.

  • Loan Approval Board+-

    The five-member Loan Approval Board reviews and approves applications for the various rehabilitation programs offered by the City of Lakewood’s Division of Community Development (DCD).

    Board Members:

    • Jodi Barnes
    • Robert Cheffins
    • Maureen Dostal
    • Ben Klein


  • Nuisance Abatement Appeals Board+-

    Lakewood Codified Ordinance (hereinafter, L.C.O.) 510.01 which was enacted in December 2008, allows for a property owner whose property has been declared a “nuisance” to appeal said decision to the Board of Nuisance Abatement Appeals.

    The Nuisance Abatement Appeals Board is the final administrative appeal in determining whether a declaration of nuisance is upheld. It is comprised of five Lakewood residents: three members are appointed by the Mayor and two members are appointed by City Council. Board members serve a three year term and are not compensated. The chairperson and co-chairperson who are appointed annually by the Mayor preside over all of the meetings. The Board meets annually and at other necessary times and always meets at least 15 days after receiving an appeal. The secretary to the Board is appointed by the Law Director. The Board establishes its own bylaws and rules, copies of which can be obtained by contacting the Board Secretary. Meetings are open to the public and noticed in compliance with the laws governing open meetings.


  • Planning Commission+-

    The Planning Commission reviews requests for lot consolidations, lot splits, major and minor subdivisions, determination of similar and conditional use. Members are appointed to a six year term.

    2018 Members

    • Kyle Baker
    • Glenn Coyne, Vice Chair
    • William Gaydos, Chair
    • Louis McMahon
    • Monica Rossiter


    Lakewood Planning Commission Application

  • Zoning Appeals+-

    The Board of Zoning Appeals reviews applications for variances to the zoning code.

    Board Members

    • James Amendola
    • Christopher Bindel, Vice-Chair
    • Zach Brown
    • Kyle Krewson, Chairman
    • Jillian Bolino


    Board of Zoning Appeals Application