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Recently Adopted Legislation

Ordinances that amend the code

46-17 Amend Sec 902.06 Regarding Sewer Rates

47-17 Amend Section 915.01 Regarding Water Rates

31-17 Change Code to Permit Tattooing

35-17 Amend Section 1306.34 Responsibility for Pest Extermination

33-17 Amend Sec 333.01 Driving or Physical Control while under the Influence

32-17 Change Code to Regulate Medical Marijuana

29-17 Amend Sec 549.01 to clarify regulation of weapons offenses



40-17 Establish appropriations for FY 2017

41-17 Authorizing Transfers and advance of funds

43-16C Amend Ord 43-16B Professional Service Contracts

42-17 Establish appropriations for FY 2018

43-17 Contract Authority for Professional Services

44-17 Contract Authority for Planning & Development Service Contracts

45-17 Contract Authority for Memberships

48-17 Contracting Authority for Street Infrastructure Improvements

49-17 Contracting Authority for Wastewater System and Treatment Improvement

50-17 Contracting Authority for Water System Replacement Program

51-17 Contracting Authority for CDBG Fund Infrastructure Improvements

52-17 Contracting Authority for Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment

57-17 Contracting Authority for Buildings and Facilities Improvements

53-17 Contracting Authority for Traffic Signs and Signals

54-17 Contracting Authority for Parks & Pools Improvements

55-17 Contracting Authority for Sidewalk improvement Program

56-17 Salary ordinance

43-16B Amend Ord 43-16A Professional Services Contracting Authority – re: reforestation

43-16A Amend Ord 43-16A Professional Services Contracting Authority

30-17 Authorize transfers and advances



8963-17 Amend Rockport Square Project Tax Financing Agreement with LCSD

8974-18 Authorize Application for $500,000 in state funds for Wagar Park revitalization

8968-17 Submit One-Year Action Plan to HUD regarding 2018 CDBG, ESG, & HOME funds

8971-17 Commend Cindy Marx for her service as a member of Lakewood City Council

8972-17 Commend Ryan Nowlin for his service as a member of Lakewood City Council