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Recently Adopted Legislation

Ordinances that amend the code

22-18 Repeal Sec. 510.01a Declaration of Nuisance Activity and Enact New Section

37-17 Amend Traffic Code to Align with ORC

23-18 Amend Sec. 1105.02 Zoning Code regarding properties on Fry Ave

24-18 Enact Sec. 131.03 Franchises to Reflect 3rd Amended Charter

26-18 Amend Sec. 121.15 Duties of Clerk of Council

29-18 Enact New Sections to Codify Financial Processes to Reflect 3rd Amended Charter

5-18 Enact Secs. 131.01 & 131.02 and Amend Sec. 107.11 to Reflect Adoption of 3rd Amended Charter

6-18 Amend Sec. 1134.03 to Reflect Adoption of the 3rd Amended Charter

58-17 Enact Sec. 149.24 Activity of Officials and Employees Restricted

38-17 Enact Chapter 123, Departments and Directors Established

39-17 Amend Code to Reflect Adoption of 3rd Amended Charter

20-18 Enact Chapter 141 Special Assessments to Reflect 3rd Amended Charter

25-18 Amend Zoning 1105.02 regarding 1456 & 1470 Warren Rd.

1-18 Amend Chapter 505, Animals and Fowl, and Chapter 506, Dangerous and Vicious Animals

04-18 Municipal Net Profit Taxes 128.22 – 128.2215

36-17 Amend Zoning Code Parking Plan

34-17 Amend 1103.02(zz) Outdoor Seasonal Dining



31-18 Establish Appropriations for FY 2018

32-18 Authorize the market and sale of properties on Robin Ave

43-17A Amend Contracting Authority Ordinance for 2018 Budget

30-18 Authorize transfers and advances

28-18 Authorize Concession Lease with HELP Foundation at Lakewood Park

27-18 Approve Term Sheet with Carnegie Management for Downtown Development Project



9004-18 Adopt Recommendations of Foundation Planning Task Force

9006-18 Approve and file FY 2019 Tax Budget

9007-18 Authorize County to Advance the City all taxes collected in 2019

9008-18 Authorize and certify tax levies to the County Fiscal Officer

9011-18 Condemn Trump Administration’s parent-child separation policy

9009-18 Authorizing Nature Works Grant Application

9002-18 Authorize Easement for Sewer Access at Erie Cliff Drive Parcel