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Parks/Public Property FAQs

Q:        How do I rent the Woman’s Club Pavilion or the Kiwanis Pavilion at Lakewood Park?  

A: Call the Department of Public Works at (216) 529-6800.

Information can also be found on the City’s website at, including a calendar indicating which dates are available or already scheduled/unavailable for each facility.

Q:        How do I find out if my baseball game is rained out?    

A: Call the Lakewood Recreation Department’s rainout number (216) 529-4117

Q:        What are the pool hours at Lakewood High School?  

A: Call the pool 529-4014 or check their website at

Q:       How do I get a pool pass for municipal pools at Lakewood and Madison parks?    

A: Call the Lakewood Recreation Department at (216) 529-4081 or check their website at