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Neighborhood Policing

Our Neighborhood Patrol Officer (NPO) program involves officers performing a number of assignments.  They interact daily with the residents and business owners, seeking to identify situations that impact the quality of life. Together they identify the resources available to maintain and improve the neighborhood. Often the role the officers play is not what would traditionally be thought of as “police work”, but addressing situations that are of concern to the people who live or work in a neighborhood, regardless of the nature, is the most effective means of providing safety.

For more information about the NPO program, please contact:

Ward 1
Officer John Betts
14812 Detroit Ave #200 (entrance off of Detroit, above Deagan’s)
(216) 501-0182

Ward 2
Officer George Rasch
14812 Detroit Ave #200 (entrance off of Detroit, above Deagan’s)
(216) 701-7706

Wards 3 & 4
Officer John Winters
12400 Madison Avenue
(216) 333-6173