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Interactive Forms

The City of Lakewood Tax Division’s Interactive Forms are a dynamic electronic tool by which taxpayers can prepare their individual City of Lakewood tax returns for any year in question. Individuals may also prepare their individual Declarations of Exemption for any year in question, and businesses may prepare their reconciliations and monthly/quarterly withholding statements for any period.

PLEASE NOTE: Some web browsers attempt to open PDFs using their own reader plug-ins, which may impair functionality within PDF fill-in forms.  So that the form will function properly, we recommend that you first download the interactive form (by right-clicking on its link and choosing “Save As…”), and then open the downloaded form in the newest version of Adobe Reader.

Interactive Individual L-1 Income Tax Form

Please first complete the personal information section of the form, including the Social Security Number field(s). Please also be sure to indicate which tax year is being referenced by the return in the appropriate field.

Enter your W-2, 1099-Misc, or applicable Federal Schedule information (C, E, K-1, or A with Form 2106) and the return will calculate your balance due for you.  Then, just print a copy of the return, attach the appropriate supporting documentation, and send in along with a payment on any balance due.

NOTE: This tool is provided to assist taxpayers with calculating their final return.  There may be occasions, depending on how information is entered, when this tool cannot accurately calculate the final return.  Your return is not finalized until it is received and audited by our tax department.

This tax form is not being submitted electronically.  If you choose to fill-out the form online, you must PRINT the form; SIGN the printed form; ATTACH all appropriate W-2s, 1099s, and other Schedules; and MAIL the return to City of Lakewood – Division of Tax.