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Housing License Renewal

Lakewood housing license regulations were updated by City Council at the end of 2018. By making all housing licenses due at the same time, license processing will be more efficient and the customer experience will be simplified.


Click here to go to our CitizenServe portal to apply for your housing license.


Other important Details about the Lakewood Housing License Application 

  • Non-owner Occupied Condominium: The fee for non-owner occupied condominium units is now $45.00 per unit.
  • Owner Occupied Condominiums & Condominium Buildings: There is no longer a fee for owner occupied condominium units or for condominium buildings.
  • Late Fees: Owners not securing a Housing license by November 1 will be assessed a late fee of twenty-five ($25.00) per unit.
  • Housing License fees for 2019 are:
Non-owner-occupied condominium units: $45.00 per unit
Rooming house containing two or more tenants: $60.00 per unit
Non-owner occupied one-or-two family structures: $75.00 per unit
Three-family dwellings: $60.00 per non-owner occupied unit
All other non-owner occupied structures: $45.00 per dwelling unit
Multi-family buildings single license: $3,500.00 per building
Vacant Property License: $200.00 per building


We encourage you to reach out to our department at (216) 529-6270 or housing.building@lakewoodoh.net if we can help answer any questions about the housing license application process moving forward.

Thank you for your continued commitment to and investment in the Lakewood community.

Click here to go to our CitizenServe portal to apply for your housing license.