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Additional Information

FY19 Lakewood Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Process

Lakewood’s Citizens Advisory Committee 

About Lakewood’s Citizens Advisory Committee
Lakewood Citizen Participation Plan
FY19 CAC Roster

Lakewood’s Federal Funding Streams

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Fact Sheet
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Fact Sheet

Lakewood CDBG & ESG 5-Year Funding Histories (FY14-FY18)

CDBG 5-Year Funding History (2014-2018)
ESG 5-Year Funding History (2014-2018)

Plans & Reports

FY15-FY19 HUD Consolidated Plan-Lakewood, OH
FY17 HUD Annual Performance Report
FY18 HUD Annual Action Plan

FY19 CAC Schedules

FY19 CAC Meetings & Hearings
FY19 Applicant Presentations

FY19 CAC Meeting Minutes

CAC Meeting #1 (10.3.18)

CAC Meeting #2 (10.10.18)

CAC Meeting #3 (10.17.18)

CAC Meeting #4 (10.24.18)

City Administration FY19 CDBG & ESG Allocation Recommendations

City Administration FY19 CDBG & ESG Allocation Recommendations

FY19 CDBG & ESG Funding Requests & Applicant Presentations

Presentation Session # 1 (10.3.18)

Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center

Victim Advocacy-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Victim Advocacy Presentation

North Coast Community Health Center

Health Services-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Health Services Presentation

Lakewood Community Services Center

Agency Narrative

Agency Narrative-ESG Addendum

Case Management-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Employment Services-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Food Pantry-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Homelessness Prevention-FY19 ESG Funding Request

Emergency Shelter-FY19 ESG Funding Request

Presentation Session #2 (10.10.18)

Lakewood Department of Human Services

Childcare Scholarships-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Senior Services-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Childcare Scholarships Presentation

Senior Services Presentation


Housing Outreach-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Paint Rebate-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Housing Outreach & Paint Program Presentation


Presentation Session #3 (10/17/18)

Lakewood Department of Public Works (DPW)

Street Resurfacing-FY19 CDBG Funding Request

Street Improvements CDBG Request Addendum

Street Resurfacing Presentation

Lakewood Division of Community Development

Affordable Housing Programs-FY19 CDBG Request

Storefront Renovation Program-FY19 CDBG Request

Affordable Housing Programs Presentation 

Storefront Renovation Program Presentation

Lakewood Department of  Planning & Development

CDBG & ESG Administration-FY19 CDBG Request

Project Pride Code Enforcement-FY19 CDBG Request


FY19 CAC Public Notices

Federal Funds Availability (8.9.18)
CAC Public Hearing #1 (9.27.18)
CAC Public Hearing #2 (10.18.18)