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Foundation Planning Task Force

Seeking Foundation Planning Task Force Members for the prospective new wellness foundation for the city of Lakewood.

Download the application here.

Foundation Planning Task Force Purpose:

The purpose and mission of the Foundation Planning Task Force will be to:

  1. Recommend a process for the creation of a new Ohio nonprofit corporation that is formed for the purpose of addressing community health and wellness needs in the City of Lakewood as set forth in Article IV of the Master Agreement among City of Lakewood, Lakewood Hospital Association, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation regarding the Future of Health Care Services in the Lakewood Community dated December 21, 2015, (the “Master Agreement”);
  2. Discuss and reach preliminary conclusions about the nature, scope, mission and governance of the new foundation;
  3. Establish a plan for ongoing community involvement and input for the life of the foundation, in recognition of the unique origin of nonprofit conversion assets. Ongoing community involvement may include the review, planning and proposal of a Community Advisory Committee and Board of Trustee structure.
  4. Invite experts who can provide background that enables Task Force members to evaluate a variety of foundation options and assist the task force in moving through this process;
  5. Help shape the agenda for Task Force meetings;
  6. Draft the new foundation’s governing documents: articles of incorporation and by-laws that reflect the consensus of the Task Force Members’ recommendations on key governance structure and issues;
  7. Work to engage in an open and active planning process including community outreach to solicit a broad range of perspectives. Outreach may include holding community meetings and/or hosting a survey to gather community input on the proposed mission and practices of the new foundation as well as comment on the proposed foundation plan, articles and by-laws before such are finalized, all in accordance with Article IV of the Master Agreement.

Strengths, Skills and Attributes of Potential Foundation Task Force Members:

Foundation Planning Task Force Member applicant attributes should include some or all of the following

  1. Community Leadership
  2. Professional experience with the nonprofit sector or philanthropy;
  3. A commitment to and understanding of the new wellness foundation’s beneficiaries;
  4. Familiarity with understanding and/or representing the diverse demographic and geographic populations of the Lakewood community
  5. Understanding the concerns of the vulnerable and traditionally under-represented populations found in the city of Lakewood
  6. Expertise in public health, community development and philanthropy.
  7. Experience in nonprofit and/or foundation organization;
  8. Experience with strategic planning and board recruitment;
  9. Experience with community advisory boards
  10. Natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating and building consensus among diverse individuals;
  11. Personal qualities of integrity, credibility and a passion for improving the lives of the citizens of Lakewood.

Length of Engagement and Commitment:

Foundation Planning Task Force members should be prepared to make a one (1) year commitment to this task force. Task force members are expected to meet at least one time per month. Applicants should be aware that additional monthly meetings may be added as necessary to complete the outlined tasks in a timely manner.

Please note that the Foundation Planning Task Force members’ commitment to the new wellness foundation will cease upon completion of the task force’s mission as set forth above. Any further participation by the Planning Task Force Members in the execution of the foundation’s mission as either a member of the potential Community Advisory Committee or the Board of Trustees would be by your separate application to said committee or board and by approval of the appropriate selection committee.

Service on the new wellness Foundation Planning Task Force will be without remuneration, except administrative support or expense reimbursement in relation to the Foundation Planning Task Force member duties.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the Foundation Planning Task Force for the new wellness foundation, please complete the attached application and forward it to the Mayor’s office c/o Shannon Strachan at: no later than June 1, 2016. For further questions please call 216-529-6600.