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Forestry FAQs

When you replant trees that have been removed, are you replanting trees with native species?

We do replant with some native species.

As an aside, there is nothing about a tree lawn planting site that would mimic a native forest or native environment conditions,  so we need to pick both native and non-native trees that can grow and thrive in a very tough environment that tree lawns present. Many native trees are not tolerant to urban site conditions and will not survive a tree lawn planting location. We do more native plantings in parks where the site conditions are more favorable to those native species that won’t survive on a Lakewood tree lawn.

Below are the large tree species we have been planting on Clifton the past few years.

Large Trees
Tulip Tree Liriodendron tulipifera
Sugar Maple “Green Mountain” Acer Saccharum “Green Mountain”
Planetree – London “Bloodgood” Platanus x Acerfolia “Bloodgood”
White Oak Quercus alba
Red Oak Quercus rubra
Sawtooth Oak Quercus acutissima
Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpa
Scarlet Oak Quercus coccinea
Shingle Oak Quercus imbricaria
Chinquapin Oak Quercus muehlenbergii
Northern Catalpa Catalpa speciosa
Sweetgum Liquidamber styraciflua
“Accolade” Elm Ulmus “Accolade”
American Elm “Valley Forge” Ulmus “Valley Forge”
Autumn Gold Ginkgo (Male) Ginkgo Biloba “Autumn Gold”


Any info on what insecticide is being used and the treatment schedule? 

We do treat all of our remaining 164 ash trees once every three years (we do a certain number each year) for Emerald Ash Borer infestation with insecticide injections of Tree-age Emamectin Benzoate 4.0%. It is approximately 85% effective in killing or at least slowing the pest infestation. Some trees do not respond to the treatments and continue to decline and must then be removed.

There is no viable treatment option that would slow or mediate the types of decay fungi we have noted and been monitoring on the Clifton Blvd. oak trees.