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Finance Department FAQs

Q:        How do I become a Vendor for the City of Lakewood? 

A:        To become a Vendor fill out the City Vendor Registration form found at:  Once the form is completed you may drop it off to the Finance Department at City Hall or scan and email it to

Q:        If I register with the Building Department as a Contractor, am I considered a Vendor for the City? 

A:        No.  It is a separate process to become a Vendor or a Contractor. 

Q:        Where do I find what projects the City currently has out for Bid? 

A:        Construction Projects:  for a list of the current construction RFP’s go to:

All other Bid, RFP or RFQ Opportunities:    go to:

 Q:        How do I obtain bid results for a project?

 A:        Contact Purchasing Manager via email at

Q:        Does the City auction vehicles or bicycles?

A:        The city does not hold annual in-house auctions for vehicles, bicycles or equipment.  The city utilizes  for obsolete equipment, vehicles, and bicycle.

Q:        Does the city sell old street signs?

 A:        The city does periodically sell its old street signs.  Residents are notified through social media when signs are available and how to purchase them.