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Public Works FAQs

Q:       When will my street be resurfaced?

A: A major factor as to when you street will be resurfaced is the available funding, always a difficult and complicated process for the City of Lakewood’s Administration and Council deciding how much to allocate to street reconstruction.

A priority list is created using a ‘Pavement Condition Rating’. This rating system was developed using Ohio Department of Transportation’s standards for measuring roadway deterioration, and has been adopted by the City of Lakewood as the basis for ranking our streets. We then consider the condition of the roadway base, sub-base, and underground utilities (water mains, and sewers) to schedule any major repair.

A map of the streets being resurfaced in 2017 may be found on the city website at the following link:

Q:        Who do I tell about a street light that is out?

A: All of the pertinent information can be entered on First Energy’s website. You will need a pole number (usually a 5 or 6 digit number on a tag on the pole), an address, or a very specific location. Sometimes it helps to mark the pole by tying a ribbon or string around the pole. Remember, they fix the lights in the daytime so the crews can’t always see which light is out. Typical outages are fixed within a few days.

Information is available on the First Energy website.

Q:       How do I report a power outage?

A: Call First Energy at 1-888-544-4877 to report a power outage. You should continue to call every 4 hours to make sure they know who is still without power.

Q:       Who do I call to see if my water bill is paid?

A: Call Utility Billing at (216) 529-6820

Q:       Is there a snow parking ban?

A: Snow bans are in effect on these streets when there is 2″ or more of snow on the street. Due to the scope involved in enforcing the parking ban City-wide, most of the time only the main streets are enforced. However, the more cars that are off the streets while plowing takes place, the better it is for everyone in the City that uses the streets.

Parking ban streets are shown and listed on the map on the City’s website at and a map showing locations of parking lots that are available during a snow are shown at

Q:        Who do I call regarding noisy or missing manhole covers?  

A: Call the Division of Water/Waste Water Collection at (216) 529-6866.