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You also have the ability to filter out different crime types and change the time period you are reviewing. Follow the filter prompts at the top of the page.

The Lakewood Police Department encourages and needs the citizens of Lakewood to stay informed about conditions in their neighborhood. Through cooperation and interaction, the Lakewood Police Department and the residents it serves can make informed decisions affecting the quality of life conditions in their neighborhoods.

The Lakewood Police Department has contracted with to provide information to Lakewood residents about crime in their neighborhoods. This new online crime alerting and mapping service provides easy to read incident crime maps and automated alerts to the citizens of Lakewood.

The CrimeReports service is free to the public and allows citizens to receive automatic daily, weekly or monthly email alerts if/when crimes occur near their home office, school etc. Citizens can also view reported crime activity on an easy to use map for any location within Lakewood boundaries. Crime incident data is updated nightly and includes:

  • Incident Type
  • Date
  • Location
  • Distance from resident’s address
  • Event identification/case number
  • Brief crime incident description

The website will only identify situations where the Lakewood Police Department has completed a separate crime report about an incident that has occurred. The website will not show normal calls for police service where no separate report was completed.

The website reports information from Computer Aided Dispatch. This information is accurate at the time of the call but due to investigation, information, or disposition, may change from the original call in future reports. The information supplied on the website is not all inclusive nor is it to be relied on for complete accuracy.

The website is for information purposes only. Should a resident wish to inquire about any call or report, please contact the Lakewood Police Department at (216) 529-6773 or