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Clean Water Lakewood

The Clean Water Lakewood task force is a group of Lakewood residents and business owners assembled to help identify the best paths forward for water infrastructure in Lakewood. This group is focusing on facilitating best solutions for controlling sewage overflows.

Resource Group for Clean Water Lakewood Project:

  • Robert H. Greytak, PE,, Engineer and Program Facilitator at CT Consultants, focus areas include water and waste water.
  • Kristin M. Hopkins, AICP,, Planner and Lead Program Facilitator at CT Consultants, focusing on urban planning and community supported decision making.
  • Joyce M. Bond, RLA,, Landscape Architect and Program Facilitator at CT Consultants, focus area includes: green infrastructure.
  • Julia G. Lazar, PhD,, Scientist and Program Facilitator at CT Consultants, applied researcher in industry, government, and academia; focus includes pollution transformations, hydrology, and scientific communication.
  • Louis L. McMahon, JD,, Environmental Lawyer hired by City of Lakewood focusing on Clean Water Act compliance, partner at McMahon DeGulis LLP
  • Joseph J. Beno, PE,, Director of Public Works, Lakewood
  • Mark K. Papke, PE, CPESC,, City Engineer, Lakewood
  • Shannon C. Strachan, JD,, Assistant to the Mayor, Lakewood
  • Bryce Sylvester, AICP,, City Planner, Lakewood
  • Jared Bartley,, Rocky River Watershed Coordinator
  • Ermelindo Gomes, Ohio EPA, ,330-963-1196, Environmental Engineer