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180 miles of sidewalks

The city of Lakewood is entering its fifth phase of a 10-year strategy to improve the city’s 180 miles of sidewalks and keep them among the most pedestrian-friendly in the state. Each year, the city sends inspectors to check the sidewalks for “trip hazards.” Residents with identified trip hazards have some options. They can pay to have the sidewalk fixed themselves or participate in a citywide bid with the city’s contractor — the idea being to lower the price for property owners.

Residents with trip hazards will fall into one of three categories: Grinding the seams of the sidewalk (at approximately $35 per seam); some sidewalks will need leveled (an estimated $100 per slab) or replaced (approximately $200). “One of our goals is to be the most pedestrian-friendly city,” said Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers. “We all have a role to play.”