Serving on one of the City’s Boards and Commissions

Citizen participation in the governing process is part of what makes Lakewood a great place to call home. Over 70 Lakewood citizens volunteer their time, experience and expertise to serve on one of Lakewood's many Boards and Commissions.

The Mayor and City Council appoint most Commission members who act in advisory and decision making capacities on various issues affecting the community. Board and Commission members meet regularly and work proactively to improve our neighborhoods, maintain and enhance our housing stock, beautify our commercial districts, promote historic preservation and restoration, and enhance Lakewood's reputation as a full service, diverse community.

City Boards and Commissions include the following:

For more information on serving on Lakewood's Boards and Commissions contact the Mayor's Office at (216) 529-6600 or the City Council Office at (216) 529-6055.

Click here to download an application to serve on a Board/Commission. Completed applications may be mailed to Lakewood City Hall or can be e-mailed to or