Department of Public Works

Division of Fleet Management

Mission Statement

Maintains and repairs all motor vehicles and equipment owned or leased by the City of Lakewood (Police, Human Services and Public Works Departments).

Lakewood is going Ohio GREEN Fleets:

The Division of Fleet is retrofitting eleven trash collection vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters. DPFs, are required to remove 90% or more of PM 2.5 and reduce carbon monoxide, toxics and hydrocarbons. This project is fund by a grant through Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative. The emissions from diesel engines have significant impacts on both the environment and human health and are one of the largest contributors to negative air quality.

Fleet Right Sizing:

The city is reducing its fleet size, thus reducing emissions and realizing a reduction in costs.

  • 2008 city equipment was reduced by 9.4%
  • 2009 city equipment was reduced by 3.3%
  • 2010 city equipment projected reduction by 2.1%
Fleet Accomplishments:
  • Installed priority start systems in all patrol cars.
  • Installed safety fire protection panels on all patrol cars.
  • Bar coded all parts in the service shop inventory and rolled out dated parts.
  • Maintained a 92% average of available city equipment.
  • Initiated an undercoating program for all 2002 and newer vehicles.
  • Catalogued the entire standing inventory into a tracking database.
  • Right-sized city equipment.
  • Initiated training modules for city service technicians.
  • Received full credit on outdated service parts.
Fleet Technicians (L to R): Arnold Jedlicka, James Holman, John Wintermyer, Tony Karban, Jeffrey Villwock, Walter Dagy and Dave Rigda