Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is established by the Second Amended Charter of the City of Lakewood, Article IV, Section 1. The organization of the department is set out in Article VI, Section 1, which states that the Department of Public Safety shall be organized under at least three divisions, which include:

A. Division of Police.
B. Division of Fire.
C. Division of Housing and Building.

Council may establish other divisions within the Department.

Article IV, Section 2 establishes the duties of the director, stating that “unless Council creates the office of Director of Public Safety and establishes the salary of such officer, the Mayor shall be ex officio the Director of Public Safety…(and) shall enforce all police, fire, health, safety, and sanitary regulations that may be prescribed by ordinances or rules of the City or by general law.”

The Divisions of Police and Fire are under the charge of a chief and the Division of Housing and Building is directed by the Assistant Director of Public Safety for Housing and Building, appointed by the Mayor. The chiefs have exclusive control of assignment of duties and stationing of all other officers and employees of their respective divisions, under such rules and regulations as the Director of Public Safety may prescribe.