Law Department

Mediation Program

Mediation Information Sheet

The Lakewood Law Department's Mediation Program is a process to assist Lakewood citizens negotiate out-of-court settlements. The purpose of the program is to allow the City Prosecutor to channel complaints into a program that can resolve disputes in a timely, cost efficient, and highly satisfying manner. Parties to a mediation session meet with a Mediator (attorneys are not needed nor will they be admitted to the mediation hearing*) to create their own settlement, they naturally are going to be more satisfied with the results than with an imposed arbitration or court judgment. Since mediations are voluntary no court reporters or recording devices will be allowed. Reaching an agreed upon solution is the goal of mediation, not proving innocence or guilt. If not resolved the complaint is returned to the City Prosecutor for determination of the next step in the system, if any. If an agreed upon solution is reached the Prosecutor is advised. The Mediator will contact both parties with in certain amount of time to check if the agreement is being fulfilled.

For further information, please call (216) 529-6040.

Benefits of Mediation are:
  1. Timely
    Hearings are scheduled within two weeks after complaint is received.
  2. Convenient
    Hearings are scheduled on weekday evenings or Saturday so that parties do not have to take time off from work.
  3. Parties determine solution not a Judge or Prosecutor.
  4. Parties not forgotten by system.
    Mediator contacts parties to ensure agreement is fulfilled.
  5. Mediation is not concerned with proving innocence or guilt, only in finding a solution.
    No witnesses are needed.
  6. The majority of mediations are resolved even a year later.
  7. No cost.

*No need for an attorney