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H2O - "Help To Others"

H2O - 'Help-To-Others'

“H2O taught me the value of service, leadership, and community. I learned many empowering concepts from service sites and camp themes. H2O gave me the inspiration and motivation to pursue a career in service work. H2O has been one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.”

(H20 Alumnae)

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High School H2O
Middle School H2O
Middle School H2O Summer Service Camp

About H2O

H20, Help to Others is a service-learning Program for high school and middle school Youth. It is a collaborative effort of:

  • City of Lakewood Department of Human Services
  • Lakewood City Schools
  • Our community Supporters and
  • The amazing youth of Lakewood.
  • Local and county wide agencies and Service organizations.

This program is dedicated to strengthening and enriching this community by engaging youth in LEARNING, LEADING, and SERVING. Youth are given the opportunity to be active contributors to their community while building and strengthening civic and social responsibility.

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“H20 has given my daughter a wider view of the world from the very young, to the elderly, to those new to this country, to the environment, to individuals suffering hardships. Each having their own needs as well as unique gifs to share. Her experience with H20 has reminded her she is not only an individual but also a part of a thriving community where people come together every day to make a difference.

( Susan Latham/ Parent)

Help To Others Summer Service Camp

Help To Others Summer Service Camp

Length: 6:40