Division of Youth

Embedded deeply in the history and mission of the "youth Office" is the belief that when the community supports and nurtures families, Kids thrive as does the entire community. For 25 years the Youth Office has looked for creative ways to strengthen our partnership with parents and to make sure all the resources of the community are available to them and their children, to assist them in solving problems and seeing all the possibilities for growth and change.

The Division's commitment is always to:

  • Help kids and families build on their strengths
  • Provide accessible and caring services
  • Enhance the capacity of parents to foster the optimal development of their children.
  • Respect the integrity of the family unit.
  • Foster cultural, ethnic and religious sensitivity

The following are the services and programs of the Division of Youth:

Supportive Services - Programs for Parents, Families & Caregivers

  • Case Management

    Helping kids and parents problem solve, it is often important to involve other people, services or agencies. Progress toward reaching goals is usually a lot faster when everyone involved is working together. The Division staff will advocate for clients by assisting them in accessing services and by coordinating services with everyone involved. For more information call (216) 529-6870.

  • County-wide Crisis Hotlines
    • Child abuse/neglect: (216) 696-5437
    • Imminent Danger: 911
    • Mental health emergency: (216) 623-6888
  • Family to Family System of Care

    The well-being of a community is based on how well the children are doing. It must be a priority for the Lakewood community to protect and nurture our youngsters. We also must create a healthy socio-economic environment through which every child and family has the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and to lead productive lives.

    Family to Family Program Components:

    To learn more about these services, call (216) 529-6870.

  • Kinship Care Education / Support Group

    Kinship care refers to a temporary or permanent arrangement in which a relative has taken over the full-time, substitute care of a child whose parents are unable or unwilling to do so.

    Frequently asked Kinship care questions:

    Other helpful sites:

    Are you a grandparent or other relative raising a young child?
    Join other Kinship Care providers in Lakewood's Kinship Support Group.

    • Learn about programs
    • Learn about support services you or your children may be eligible to receive
    • Gain support and learn other skills from other caregivers
    Caregivers Raising Children Support Group
    Fourth Wednesday of the Month
    10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Lakewood Congregational Church
    1375 W. Clifton Blvd.

    For more information, call the Division of Youth at (216)529-6870.

  • Parent Consultation

    In today's society, parenting, while very rewarding, can also prove to be very challenging. Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to or someone to help you discover new solutions and/or resources to old or new problems.

    Through one or several conversations and/or meetings, staff will assist parents by providing information, and possible options and interventions. For more information, call (216) 529-6870.

  • Resource and Referral

    If services needed by the individual or family are not available through the Division of Youth, staff will help the individual/client locate and access appropriate services.

Services/Programs for Youth

  • H2O - 'Help-To-Others' H2O - "Help-To-Others" Youth Volunteer Program

    H2O is a youth volunteer program dedicated to building and enricing this community by engaging its young people as community builders.

  • Juvenile Diversion

    The City of Lakewood's Department of Human Services Juvenile Diversion Program is comprised of an alliance between City Departments, Human Services, Law, Police and Public Works, Lakewood Schools, Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court and various organizations/businesses to offer families a positive alternative to traditional Juvenile Court involvement.

    The Juvenile Diversion Program is a voluntary program designed to offer first time juvenile offenders and their parents the opportunity to restore trust, give back to the community and to find ways to continue to be positively involved in their community. It is designed to empower families through education, direction and guidance for the betterment of the child, the City and its residents.

    Youth must be referred to this program by Juvenile Court.

Community Education & Activities

  • Group discussions and community dialogues on issues that concern youth and families. Staff from the Division of Youth plan educational and awareness programs to meet the needs of professional, student and parent organizations.