Department of Planning and Development

Housing Programs

  Eligibility Requirements
Housing Program Owner-Occupied Income Eligibility Age Restriction First Time Home Buyer Loan Grant
3% Owner Occupied Home Improvement Loans X X     X PORTION
5% Rental Restoration Loans   X
0% Deferred Payment Loans X X X   X PORTION
Lakewood First-Time Homebuyer HOME Program X X   X X  
Repair Accessibility Maintenance Program (RAMP) X X      X X
Home Improvement Rebate X X       X
Other Housing Programs:  
Home Enhancement Loan Program         X  
Lead Safe Program   X       X
  • Owner Occupied
    Primary residence of applicant for the duration of the loan
  • Income Eligibility
    See income table below.
  • Age Restriction
    Over 65
  • First Time Home Buyer
    First Time Home Buyer
  • Loan
    Must be repaid
  • Grant
    All or portion of loan may be forgiven
  • Rebate
    Portion of your invested costs for qualified exterior work
Income Eligibility Table
Household Size Maximum Household Income
1 $35,101
2 $40,101
3 $45,101
4 $50,101
5 $54,151
6 $58,151