2017 Solstice Celebration in Photos | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

2017 Solstice Celebration in Photos

June 22, 2017

At Wednesday’s Summer Solstice Celebration, the night ended much like each sunset at Lakewood Park’s Solstice Steps: With applause.

Residents had good reason to cheer, as the city’s second-annual Lakewood Summer Solstice Celebration was a big hit. Sponsored by the city of Lakewood, the free event featured live entertainment, food trucks, star-gazing, and children’s activities.

“By now, most residents have had the opportunity to experience the Solstice Steps,” said Mayor Michael Summers. “This event gives our residents an opportunity to celebrate not only this connection to our city’s greatest natural resource but also to take pride in our community on the longest day of the year.”

Take a look below at the magic captured by Lakewood photographer Alex Belisle of Faces of Lakewood. Click to enlarge the images.